F1 22 Jeddah setup: best car settings for Saudi Arabia

The best F1 22 Jeddah setup to use for the high-speed street circuit in Saudi Arabia, including aerodynamics, suspension, tyre pressure, and more

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition 2.0 Gets Installer, Launcher, and Audio Fix

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition was recently updated to version 2.0, which introduces a number of important features to the enhancement project. For example, there is now an installer program that makes the installation process much easier. Similarly, Silent ...

Get 3-Months of Audible for Free Before Amazon Prime Day

One of our favourite deals just got even better.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational to take place in Saudi Arabia this August

Attending teams will be fighting over a $3 million prize pool.

Hunt: Showdown update 1.9 improves performance, audio, balance

Now on the test server, Hunt: Showdown update 1.9 improves server and client performance, tweaks matchmaking, and enhances audio in the PvPvE game

Daily Deals: 20% Off Nintendo Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda, $9 Ninja Training Sword, Free Audible Subscription

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda 55% off Polypropylene Ninja Training Sword Razer Anzu Smart Glasses 4 Free Months of Amazon Music Unlimited 3 Free Months of Audible Premium Plus Alienware Aurora R10 RTX 3080 Gaming PC for ...

Sony’s new InZone gaming headsets raise the bar for PS5 audio

Along with new gaming monitors, Sony has launched new InZone gaming headsets, designed to help take you to victory in your PC and PlayStation games. The range includes the flagship H9, the mid-range H7, and the budget-friendly H3. The headsets ...

Coheed & Cambria's Claudio Sanchez Reacts To Doom, Metal Hellsinger, Red Dead Redemption And More

Claudio Sanchez is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for Coheed and Cambria.

Take a trip with us in the Tesla Model Y and the Audi e-tron GT

Check out the first two instalments of our new Quick Look series, EV Hour.

Final Fantasy 16’s English Audio Features Only British Accents for Authenticity’s Sake, Developer Says

Producer Naoki Yoshida says the decision was made to authentically portray a medieval European fantasy setting.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Seemingly Has Lip Sync for Both Japanese and English Audio

Fans seem to have noticed a long-requested improvement in recent Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gameplay footage.

Sony rumoured to unveil three new gaming headsets with 360-degree spatial audio

Sony is said to be readying the launch of its Inzone H-series gaming headsets. According to @OnLeaks and @91Mobiles, the Inzone H-series gaming headsets will include three models. They are the Inzone H3, Inzone H7 and Inzone H9. All ...

How to use SullyGnome to grow your Twitch audience

Image via Twitch Most budding streamers believe that all it takes to grow on Twitch is to turn on the camera, fire up some games and audiences will come flocking. However, the truth is that the process is much ...

Batman: The Audio Adventures continues in comics form this fall

The award-winning HBO Max podcast, Batman: The Audio Adventures, gets a comic book sequel

Elvis actor Austin Butler talks bathrobe auditions, letter writing with Tom Hanks, and Dune 2

Total Film meets the Elvis breakout to discuss working on Baz Luhrmann's American epic

Borderlands Studio Owner Embracer Defends Decision To Take $1 Billion From Saudi Arabia

Embracer's CEO explains and defends the decision to take a huge sum of money from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

Embracer CEO defends taking $1B from Saudi Arabia

Savvy Gaming Group, which is owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, made a $1 billion investment into Embracer last week.

Reptilian Rising pits historical heroes against cyborg dinosaurs, and the true winner is the audience

I came, I saw, I punched a velociraptor. And you can try the Steam demo today.

'American Idol' 20th Anniversary: Do You Remember These Auditions That Went Viral?

Douglas Davidson (Season 7) Keith Beukelaer (Season 2) Larry Platt (Season 9) Rhonetta Johnson (Season 5) William Hung (Season 3) Believe it or not, singing competition “American Idol” is turning 20 years old today, June 11. It almost seems ...

LEC to feature a live audience for the Summer Season

The Berlin studio will be getting loud as fans are able to watch games in-person.

Stranger Things 4 Star Robert Englund Actually Auditioned For Season 3 And Didn't Get The Part

While Robert Englund plays an important role in Stranger Things 4, he tells GameSpot about his previous audition for the show that didn't go so well.

LEC welcomes back full capacity live audiences for 2022 Summer Split

Photo via Riot Games After what seemed like a lifetime for European League of Legends fans, one of the most competitive leagues in the world is opening its doors to the public again. The LEC has announced that it ...

Saudia Arabia's Public Investment Fund Purchases a $1 Billion Stake in Embracer Group

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (or PIF) has made a series of high-profile investments in recent times, and they just made another, dropping a ludicrous $1.05 billion to purchase an 8.1% stake in the Swedish video game and media ...

Saudi Arabia buys a $1B chunk of Embracer Group

The desert kingdom continues to make big moves into gaming.

Saudi-backed Savvy Gaming Group purchases $1 billion stake in Embracer Group

Image via Embracer Group Savvy Gaming Group, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian government’s Public Investment Fund, has acquired a $1 billion stake in Embracer Group, the holding company that owns numerous media parent companies and game development studios. ...

Audio quality and why it matters

Sometimes we underestimate or overlook the importance of good quality audio in gaming. If you’re playing through a game for a second or third time, chances are you’ll stick on a podcast, audiobook or your own choice of music ...

Games with great audio you need a headset to enjoy

Audio can play an integral role in games, whether that’s through excellent music or the sound effects themselves. A stirring score can help emotional moments hit harder, or a pulsating rock track can enhance an already action-packed section. Meanwhile, ...

Saudi Arabia Acquires a $1 Billion Stake in Embracer Group

Earlier this year, we talked about how a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia crown prince’s foundation, the Electronic Gaming Development Company (EGDC), acquired a majority stake over SNK. This purchase led to them owning 96% of SNKs shares. Now, ...

Tomb Raider’s new owners just got $1bn dollars from Saudi Arabia

Embracer Group, the new owner of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, has received a substantial cash injection courtesy of a $1bn investment from the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF). If you aren’t already aware of Embracer, it’s the ...

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund Acquires $1 Billion Stake In Embracer Group

Becomes the second largest owner with 8.1% of the company's shares

With Follower Quests, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak could finally capture a dedicated single-player audience

For most people, Monster Hunter isn’t the first series that springs to mind when you think ‘single-player game’. Though there’s a lot of stuff in the action titles that you can do on your own, the series is usually thought ...

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: "Superb audio & a magic battery spoiled by a bad mic"

Our Verdict Design and features Should you buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless? How I tested the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless The Verdict More info Our Verdict If you’re looking for a headset to give great audio and battery ...

SteelSeries’ new Arctis Nova Pro line offers 360-degree spatial audio and a premium design

The new Arctis Nova Pro models feature wired and wireless variations and other customization options

Inside Halo Infinite's iconic sounds with the audio wizards at 343 Industries

The sounds of the Halo franchise are iconic, and so are the ways 343 Industries makes them

To the Dragon Cave is a blind-friendly audio adventure out now on iOS and Android

Kikiriki Games has announced the official release of To the Dragon Cave, the studio’s blind-friendly audio adventure on mobile. The unique title lets players explore the magical realms of Laudonia through sound rather than sight. In To the Dragon ...

New Justice League Game Announced, Aimed At Younger Audience

The Justice League game aimed at a 10+ audience is coming from the studio behind Ben 10 and We Bare Bears adaptations.

Saudi Arabia now owns a 5% stake in Nintendo

The Saudi-based Public Investment Fund continues to branch out.

Saudi Arabia crown prince buys 5% stake in Nintendo

Source: Nintendo What you need to know The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has purchased a 5% stake in Nintendo for almost $3 billion. The fund previously invested in other gaming companies, and is controlled by the controversial Mohammed bin ...


Saudi Arabia acquires 5.01 percent of Nintendo in latest video game investment

Saudi Arabia’s PIF To Become Nintendo’s Fifth Largest Shareholder

Saudi Arabia Now Owns 5% Of Nintendo

Steam Deck Now Has Windows Audio Drivers

Saudi Arabia investment fund buys 5% stake of Nintendo

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund now owns a 5 percent stake in Nintendo

Saudi Arabia buys a 5% stake in Nintendo

Saudi Arabia Now Has a 5% Stake in Nintendo

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund Acquires 5% Stake In Nintendo

Valve releases Steam Deck audio drivers for Windows

Lord Of The Rings: Another Actor, John Astin, Reveals He Auditioned For Gandalf

HELM Bolt DAC/AMP and DB12 AAAMP review: A worthy investment for audiophiles

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