Evil Geniuses, Outsiders, and Gaimin Gladiators qualify for Dota 2’s The International 2022

Photo via Valve With three days left in Dota 2’s Arlington Major, three more teams have qualified for The International 2022, locking in the final set of direct invites before the event even ends. Evil Geniuses, Outsiders, and Gaimin ...

Dota 2 ESL One Malaysia 2022 tournament hit by unexpected delay

Image via ESL The fourth day of the Dota 2 ESL One Malaysia tournament has been delayed due to “unforeseen technical issues,” putting the playoffs on hold until the tournament organizers manage to fix whatever is causing it. They ...

Dota 2 hero tier list | The Arlington Major edition (August 2022)

Tier one heroes in Dota 2 Visage, Chen, Lycan, and Enigma Dazzle and Winter Wyvern Tier two heroes in Dota 2 Tier three heroes in Dota 2 Dota 2’s metagame is notorious for shifting and changing courses on a ...

Dota 2 commentator Sheepsticked stuns Evil Geniuses pro Cr1t- with god-tier juke

Image via Cr1t and Sheepsticked on Instagram It’s not often you see Dota 2 talent outperform the best players in the world. However, Alexandra “Sheepsticked” Roberts is an exception, and her insane juke on Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen proves it. ...

Team Spirit downs PSG.LGD to win Arlington Dota 2 Major

Photo via PGL In what looks to be another classic matchup that can stand the test of multiple seasons, Team Spirit once again defeated PSG.LGD at peak performance, this time to claim the PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major crown ...

Fnatic Raven to miss ESL One Malaysia due to COVID-19

Photo via WePlay! Esports Fnatic player Marc “Raven” Fausto is no longer attending the ESL One Malayasia Major due to COVID-19. Fnatic’s carry player Raven tested positive for COVID-19 just one day before ESL One Malaysia begins, leaving the ...

Dota 2 Patch 7.32: Full notes, buffs, nerfs, and updates

Image via Valve Dota 2’s Arlington Major concluded on Aug. 14, leaving fans wondering when the patch that would shape the meta for the International 2022 would drop. The answer, as it turns out, was Aug. 23, with Valve ...

PSG.LGD take the International runback, beat Team Spirit to win Dota 2 Riyadh Masters 2022

Screengrab via Gamers8 Esports Ignoring behind-the-scenes concerns and a handful of stars being unable to attend the event, PSG.LGD has won the largest non-Dota Pro Circuit event of the year, getting revenge for their International 2021 loss against Team ...

Entity qualify for DPC Major, beat Team Secretand spoil Puppey’s record-setting Dota achievement

Screengrab via Valve A lot was on the line today in Western Europe’s Dota Pro Circuit Summer Tour, with Team Secret and Entity battling it out for the final invite to the Arlington Major through tiebreakers. And, while the ...

TSM to miss the Arlington Major, but secures the second invite to the International 2022

Screengrab via TSM TSM failed to qualify for the Arlington Major after their impressive, second-place, run in Stockholm. The regular DPC season in NA ended today and TSM placed fourth with a score of four wins and three losses. ...

JerAx confirms he’s coaching Team Liquid’s Dota 2 team, has been for some time

Photo via Valve JerAx joined Evil Geniuses in late 2021 and started the second stint of his competitive Dota 2 career after a year-long break. JerAx’s time in the North American Dota 2 scene ended after a six-month-long run, ...

Febby, beastcoast release statements after K1 uses racial slur in Dota 2 pubs

Photo via Valve Pub games tend to be the breeding ground for terrible behavior across all of Dota 2, especially in the competitive community, with beastcoast’s Héctor “K1” Rodríguez using a racial slur against Kim “Febby” Yong-min. This incident ...

New Dota 2 update finally adds forfeit option, but only for 5-player parties

Image via Studio MIR Valve introduced a new feature that allows five-player parties to call “GG” and surrender a match after 30 minutes of playtime. Unlike League of Legends, Dota 2 fans always had to play until the end ...

YapzOr to take extended break from Dota 2, Team Secret adds Zayac to its roster

Image via Team Secret YapzOr has put his competitive Dota 2 career on hold due to health reasons, Team Secret announced today. The team will play its remaining and its future matches with new member, Zayac. Neither Team Secret ...

Alliance parts ways with Dota 2 offlaner symetricaL

Image via Alliance SymetricaL has said goodbye to Alliance’s Dota 2 squad, the team announced today. The offlaner joined Alliance in February and helped the team crawl out of the second division after an unexpected relegation in the previous season. ...

EternaLEnVy and Ryoya retire from professional Dota 2

Image via DreamHack and Valve – Remix by Gökhan Çakır Two notable names from the North American Dota 2 scene, EternaLEnVy, and Ryoya, announced their retirement today from competitive play today. Ryoya, the more recently active of the two, ...

Full schedule, standings, and results for 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Summer Tour Regional League

Prize pool and format Western Europe DPC Summer Tour Regional League Standings Division I Division II China DPC Summer Tour Regional League Standings Division I Division II Eastern Europe DPC Summer Tour Regional League Standings Division I Division II ...

Illidan leaves Team Empire one day after joining the team

Image via Team Empire Roster changes can happen in a matter of hours, and everything went down under 24 hours for Ilya “Illidan” Pivcaev and Team Empire. After announcing his return to competitive Dota 2 under Team Empire’s flag ...

Valve releases new Dota 2 chest featuring new set for Kid Invoker

Image via Valve The most recent Dota 2 patch introduced the Chest of Endless Days to the game, one of the more unique chests added by Valve recently. The Dota 2 veterans may remember times when players had the ...

Focus departs Brame after second stint with European Dota 2 roster

Screengrab via BRAME Brame’s position one player, Tasos “Focus” Michailidis, announced his departure from the team earlier today. The departure marks the end of Focus’ second stint with the team, as the player initially joined the organization in 2020. After a ...

B8 releases its Dota 2 roster, including Dendi, ahead of another rebuild

Screengrab via B8 The turntable that is B8 just keeps spinning, with the organization officially releasing yet another Dota 2 roster, including captain and founder Dendi. This time, the shuffle is slightly more complex than the team’s previous moves. ...

What is the Dota 2 bug tracker?

Image via Valve A quick tour of Dota 2’s subreddit can be enough to convince you that the game hasn’t received a patch for years. While Valve has a history of taking its time with major content patches, the ...

When will DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s third season release?

Image via Valve DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was first released on Netflix in 2021. After a great first season, the series released its second season in Jan. 2022. Considering DOTA: Dragon’s Blood once again left its audience on the edge of their seats, ...

MiSeRy joins TSM’s Dota 2 team as coach

Screengrab via TSM TSM announced it is bolstering its Dota 2 roster with a new coach, MiSeRy. The former TI runner-up was with the team throughout its run in the Stockholm Major. With Misery in the coach’s seat, TSM ...

Here are all the changes in Dota 2 patch 7.31d

General updates in Dota 2 patch 7.31d Item updates in Dota 2 patch 7.31d Hero updates in Dota 2 patch 7.31d Image via Valve Valve released patch 7.31d for Dota 2 a month after its last update. Though the ...

Dota Plus Summer 2022 7.31d update adds Marci to Captains Mode, new Battle Report feature, and more

Image via Valve The Dota Plus Summer 2022 update is here and Valve is pulling out all the stops with the 7.31d gameplay patch that includes Marci being added to Captains Mode for competitive play, tons of new and ...

Team SMG signs pieliedie, remains silent on ninjaboogie controversy

Photo via EPICENTER The 2022 Dota Pro Circuit is entering its final stage with the Summer Tour regional league, and teams who had previously remained silent are all officially announcing their final rosters ahead of their first matches. This ...

ESL to host Dota 2 Major in Malaysia this August

Screengrab via ESL ESL is bringing back its non-Dota Pro Circuit tournaments, hosting ESL One Malaysia 2022 this August once the regular season for the DPC ends. Hosted at the Arena of Stars at Resorts World Genting from Aug. ...

The International 2022 dates revealed, next Dota 2 update drops June 8

Image via Valve The International 2022 is going to be the single longest Dota 2 event to date, running through almost the entirety of October in Singapore, Valve confirmed today. Essentially, TI11 will run from Oct. 8 to 30, ...

Brazilian football club Coritiba enters Dota 2

Image via Coritiba Coritiba’s esports division has announced the signing of the Spirits squad today. The Dota 2 team, featuring mini, Mr. Jeans, hyko, Jupiter, and serem, will be representing the club in the second division of theSouth American ...

Gambit releases its second Dota 2 roster

Photo via StarLadder Less than a month after releasing its main roster, Gambit Esports has also dropped its secondary Dota 2 lineup ahead of the final 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Tour. The team, helmed by AfterLife, will continue to ...

Former TI champion ChuaN returns to playing competitive Dota 2

Image via Neon Esports With the International approaching, many teams around the globe are getting ready to give it their all to secure their ticket to the most prestigious event on Dota 2 Pro Circuit’s calendar, including Neon Esports, who completed its roster ...

CIS Rejects signs 3 new players, 9pasha returns to Dota 2 roster

Screengrab via CIS Rejects CIS Rejects has its new roster for the final 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Tour, officially bringing back Gleb “depressed kid” Zyryanov and 9pasha to play alongside three new players today. This comes a week after ...

Former Into the Breach players Chessie, adz, and j4 form EU Rejects to compete in WEU DPC Division 2

Screengrab via Valve Only six days after cutting their ties with Into the Breach, Chessie, j4, and adz will continue to compete in the second division of the Western European DPC as EU Rejects, they announced today. The three ...

Entity signs controversial Dota 2 player Pure

Screengrab via Entity Another rumor has been proven true. Entity officially signed Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko to its Dota 2 roster today. Pure previously had his contract terminated by Virtus.pro after drawing a controversial “Z” symbol on the in-game mini-map of a ...

Fly returns to Evil Geniuses’ Dota 2 roster

Photo via Valve Pivoting from a new look to a tried-and-true method of victory, Evil Geniuses is bringing back Fly to helm its Dota 2 roster today as the organization heads into the final leg of the 2022 Dota ...

RAMZES returns to Virtus Pro ahead of final Dota Pro Circuit Tour

Image via Virtus.pro Virtus.pro is looking to stabilize its Dota 2 roster, bringing in part of its old guard lineup as Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev returns to the organization. RAMZES rejoins VP after originally leaving the team along with the ...

SumaiL joins Nigma Galaxy’s Dota 2 lineup

Screengrab via Nigma Galaxy After multiple teasers, SumaiL officially joined Nigma Galaxy’s Dota 2 roster today. Based on the announcement trailer, he will be taking over the mid lane since the video titled him the “king of mid.” This ...

Valve wins Sports Emmy for Dota 2’s The International 10 grand finals

Photo via Valve The International is not only the biggest Dota 2 tournament every season, but it also brings a lot of eyes to the wider esports scene thanks to its high production value, the top level talent appearing ...

Quincy Crew signs Fata, brings back Lelis and MSS to Dota 2 roster

Photo via Valve Quincy Crew is moving back to a formula that some of its members think might be more viable in the current Dota Pro Circuit format, bringing back two former players and signing a new captain out ...


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