Elden Ring legend denies retirement, says they've soloed Malenia over 2,000 times

The Redditor's 1v1 battles against Elden Ring's toughest boss continue to this day.

Elden Ring has dropped to its lowest ever price with a 17% discount

Prepare to die... but for less with this Elden Ring deal

Bizarre live-action Elden Ring trailer baits players hoping for DLC news

That is quite a lot of set-dressing for an accolades trailer

The Steam Summer Sale has everything—except 2022's biggest game

With Elden Ring's continued success, should we have expected it not to go on sale?

Elden Ring studio FromSoftware has a new game in the 'final stages' of development

Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki is also apparently working on something entirely new.

Hidetaka Miyazaki wants to make "more abstract fantasy" as if Elden Ring wasn’t abstract enough

Miyazaki apparently already has some ideas, they just don't fit in with FromSoftware's back catalog

FromSoftware has a new game in its "final stages"

This mystery game was in development alongside Elden Ring

Elden Ring will get more updates even as Miyazaki moves onto a new game

FromSoftware will continue putting out updates for the action-RPG

Elden Ring director and FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki is already leading a new game

The studio has one game in its final stages, but it seems to be under a separate director

Elden Ring gets the wonderful SNES demake treatment

Ever wondered what Malenia would look like as a SNES character?

All that chanting in the Elden Ring soundtrack is gibberish

With one notable exception: Those singing harpies are actually speaking Latin.

Elden Ring's song lyrics are computer-generated nonsense

Those choral chants are beautiful, but they don't actually mean anything

Cut Elden Ring quest ties early game merchant to a tragic subplot

Kalé has a grander link to Three Fingers than we knew

Get 40% off the official Elden Ring strategy guide books

These weighty Elden Ring tomes are filled with knowledge, and they can be yours for $20 less

Get some Bloodborne in your Elden Ring with this quickstep mod

A hunter is a hunter, even in The Lands Between.

Unused Elden Ring quest would have tied an early NPC to the game's darkest secrets

Dataminer Sekiro Dubi has found a long, haunting quest buried in the game's files.

Dataminer discovers 2 major Elden Ring bosses may have once had their own questlines

Sekiro Dubi's efforts have largely focused on cut dialogue and prompts.

Elden Ring player turns every enemy into Malenia, still beats the game

Should we be proud or concerned that someone thought this was a good idea?

Elden Ring player beats Margit while using a harp as a controller

Once a significant difficult check for players, the Fell Omen has been brought down with a musical instrument

Malaysian Studio Passion Republic Gives Closer Look At ‘Elden Ring’ Armour Sets, Enemies

Elden Ring is poised to become the best game of the year at this point, with many gravitating to FromSoftware’s open-world take on their tried-and-tested formula. Despite being a gruelling challenge, Elden Ring has since become a bona fide phenomenon. ...

Elden Ring finally tells you how many Runes your freakin' Runes are worth

The new Elden Ring patch quietly added handy numbers to all the Runes you've been hoarding

Elden Ring will finally let you quit straight to desktop

The patch that The Lands Between needed.

Elden Ring becomes a survival game thanks to this mod that adds features like hunger, thirst, and disease

The Elden Ring Survival Mode mod makes your stay in the Lands Between even more of a struggle

The manga that inspired Dark Souls and Elden Ring is returning

Kentaro Miura's friends and colleagues will continue Berserk

Why Fantasy Fans Should Check Out Brandon Sanderson’s Classic Novel ‘Elantris’

The term ‘instant classic’ is not a term that should be thrown around lightly. It is a quality of work that reverberates throughout an industry, one that immediately draws in an audience and can stand the test of time. FromSoftware ...

Elden Ring fashion show blends brilliant and bizarre this weekend

You can vote in Knights and Cosplay categories for a winner

Elden Ring secretly made its twin boss fights easier

Twin bosses learned some combat etiquette.

Elden Ring patch quietly made boss duos less aggressive

Foes like Godskin Duo and Valiant Gargoyles just got less ferocious

Elden Ring's co-op overhaul mod is now playable in open beta

Enjoy Elden Ring co-op without it giving you conniptions.

Elden Ring devs didn't take Miyazaki's favourite boss seriously at first

The FromSoftware team didn't warm to the Radahn Festival until later

Miyazaki's favourite Elden Ring boss is Radahn

"I wonder if there is a feeling of loneliness that is unique to us."


Elden Ring player ruins in-game date in an explosive fashion

Elden Ring's sexy wolf man Blaidd reads horny tweets from thirsty fans

Elden Ring is nowhere near the most-played game of 2022

The voice of Elden Ring’s Blaidd is amused by your horny tweets

Elden Ring gets full co-op this week thanks to the creator of Sekiro Online

With Starfield's delay, 2022 is set to be the Year of Elden Ring

Elden Ring player skilfully recreates Geralt from The Witcher 3

Elden Ring's map has changed in a bunch of subtle ways since launch

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Datamined content suggests Elden Ring almost had Covenants like Dark Souls

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