PAKO Highway, the newest spin-off in the popular police pursuit simulation series, releases onto early access for Android

The ever-so-popular and long-running PAKO series has announced its next entry, which will be available as of today in early access on Android. Named PAKO Highway, this entry into the series seeks to maintain the same sort of high-octane ...

Top 10 best story games for Android

If you are done with shooters and city-building games and are looking for some of the best story-driven games you can enjoy playing on Android, then this post is just for you. In this list, we will cover the ...

The Elden Ring YouTube launch smashed the platform’s expectations

Elden Ring YouTube viewing numbers soared far above what Google expected from FromSoft's open-world RPG and set a new record in its opening 60 days

Elden Ring got more YouTube views at launch than GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined

60-day comparisons show Elden Ring was one of the biggest launches ever on YouTube

Torchlight: Infinite is now open for pre-registration on Google Play following iOS App Store and TapTap sign-ups

In case you missed it, XD Inc has officially announced that pre-registration for Torchlight: Infinite is now available on Google Play following sign-ups on the iOS App Store and on TapTap. Fans of the highly anticipated action title on ...

The 10 Best Open World Games on Android

The best open world games for Android – our top 10 ARK: Survival Evolved EVE Echoes Genshin Impact Goat Simulator Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Off The Road Second Galaxy Sky: Children of Light ...

This Minecraft mod YouTuber turned bees into flying Steves

Minecraft mod YouTubers are huge on modding and changing the way the game works and this time the aim was to make the mobs more cursed

Cross Summoner: R is a continuation of the Cross Summoner series, out now on iOS and Android

Damo Games has announced the official launch of Cross Summoner: R on mobile, letting players dive into a fantasy world as a continuation of the Cross Summoner series. The retro-inspired JRPG features hand-drawn art styles and real-time battles where ...

Descenders is an extreme downhill freeriding game that's out now on iOS and Android

Noodlecake and No More Robots have announced the official launch of Descenders, the action-packed biking game developed by RageSquid on iOS and Android. Featuring roguelike elements, the game lets you play either all by your lonesome or with up ...

Google improves their in-game ad polices to make experience better for players

Advertisements are one of the biggest enemies of gamers. You are enjoying your game peacefully, and suddenly an ad pops up running all the experience. With time, advertisements have also developed. Earlier in the smartphone gaming era, we used to ...

How to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Starting the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Starting the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game when you’re not offline About the Dinosaur Game Dinosaur Game in other browsers? Screenshot by Pro Game Guides The Google Chrome Dinosaur Game is a side-scrolling platformer ...

Papers, Please finally releases onto Android and iOS today

Legendary indie darling Papers, Please is, at long last, releasing onto iOS and Android following an iPad exclusive release way back in 2014. Developed by Lucas Pope – whose pedigree includes this title along with the equally legendary Return of ...

Minecraft builds see Redstone used by YouTubers to create MS Paint

Minecraft builds hit new heights as Redstone is used by YouTubers to recreate MS Paint, proving anything is possible in the multiplayer building game

Super School Man lets you manage your own campus, coming to iOS and Android later this year

Ample Fun Interaction Limited has announced the upcoming launch of Super School Man, letting players experience what it’s like to run a school amid hilarity and shenanigans. To be released by the end of this year, the game follows ...

Ninja Ducks vs. Pirate Pigs, a side-scrolling endless runner is out now on Android and iOS

Koko Digital, the indie developers who have helped create chart-topping apps for companies like Pokémon, Twitch, and RedBull have just announced their next venture – a mobile game with possibly the most amusing name I’ve ever seen. Called Ninja ...

YouTube Will Hold First "Interactive Gaming Livestream" On August 27

YouTube's first "Interactive Gaming Livestream" event will feature some of it's most popular content creators.

Tower of Fantasy, Level Infinite's highly anticipated open-world MMORPG, is now available on Android and iOS

After over a year since its announcement, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio’s open-world mobile MMORPG Tower of Fantasy has finally arrived on mobile and PC. Pre-registrations opened a while back, so expect to get a bunch of free goodies ...

Google Blasts Apple's iMessage, Urges It to Adopt 'Modern Texting Standards' Between iPhones, Android Devices

Google Launches ‘Get the Message’ Campaign Aimed at Apple Apple ‘Locks In’ User with iMessage Google is pressuring Apple to adopt a “next-generation standard” for text messaging. Google is tired of Apple’s exclusivity when it comes to sending messages ...

Fantasy Town is Now Available on iOS and Android

German-based mobile game company, the gamigo group, in partnership with South Korea’s ArumGames, recently released a new farming simulation game into the wilds of mobile gaming for players. Fantasy Town is now available on iOS and Android, hitting stores on ...

TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall, the sequel to the popular space sim TerraGenesis: Space Settlers, is out now on Android and iOS

TerraGenesis: Operation Landfall, the much-awaited sequel to Tilting Point’s TerraGenesis: Space Settlers has successfully released for iOS and Android. The original game was an award-winning title that was downloaded over 28 million times. Operation Landfall is going to walk ...

The 10 best Android multiplayer games

The best multiplayer games on Android – our top ten picks Among Us Black Desert Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile Clash of Clans Genshin Impact Mario Kart Tour Pokémon Go Android games are almost always better together, so it ...

Google Stadia’s Party Stream is exactly what it sounds like

Stadia Google Stadia is and kicking — and has made some updates that will make it easier to livestream games. XDA Developers that Stadia will unveil a new Party Stream feature that enables players to privately broadcast their gameplay ...

Unreleased white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller leaks on YouTube

It's likely an official announcement from Microsoft is coming soon

Unhappy Racoon, a fast-paced roguelike, is open for pre-registration on Android and iOS

XD Entertainment has just announced that its upcoming title Unhappy Racoon is now open for pre-registration. It is a roguelike game for mobile that will launch this year on Android and iOS. Players will take on the roles of ...

Google Searches For Games May Give a New Result: Launch it on Cloud Gaming

So seamless, you're surprised it wasn't tested sooner for faster access to cloud gaming.

Eroica is a turn-based 3D JRPG that's out now on iOS and Android

FourThirtyThree. Inc. has officially announced the launch of Eroica, letting players dive into the epic RPG on iOS and Android across the globe (except Korea, Japan and Mainland China). Players can expect to explore the continent of Arrier in ...

UFO99 lets you battle block monsters and collect pixelated critters, out now on Android

Noice2D Game Studio has officially announced the launch of UFO99, the studio’s charming arcade game that’s filled with colourful critters in pixel form. Players can aim for a high score as they zip to and fro on the screen ...

Kirby and Super Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Launches YouTube Channel

Longtime video game enthusiasts will no doubt recognise the name Masahiro Sakurai, the director and creator of the Kirby series, as well as the mastermind behind the Super Smash Bros. series. As the one spearheading one of gaming’s biggest ...

Super Smash Bros. creator starts YouTube channel about game development

If you enjoyed Masahiro Sakurai's charming Smash Bros. videos, this might pique your interest

Idle Luca, Novacore's idle RPG is now available on Android and TestFlight on iOS

Com2uS, the creators behind the popular Summoners War franchise, has just released a new idle RPG on mobile – Idle Luca, in partnership with their subsidiary Novacore. Players can expect to be sent on a heroic and unending quest ...

Idle Luca Now Available Free on Android and iOS

Time for another idle adventure. Com2US A new idle adventure game has been released on mobile platforms; Idle Luca has players collect heroes and take on a quest to save the world. The game is developed by Com2uS, the ...

Alphadia Neo is an upcoming JRPG from KEMCO that's now open for pre-registration on Google Play

KEMCO has announced that pre-registration is now officially open for Alphadia Neo, the studio’s upcoming JRPG on mobile. The pixel-art title features turn-based combat that harkens to the good ol’ days of RPGs, with a classic fantasy story and ...

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent now available globally on Android and iOS

The Square Enix mobile RPG was originally released in Japan in October 2020

YouTuber details Starfield Creation Engine 2 improvements

One fan highlighted just how good the Starfield Creation Engine 2 improvements are shaping up to be, with comparisons to Bethesda's previous engines

Journey of a Gladiator 2 is the sequel to Outlast Journey of a Gladiator, out now on iOS and Android

SanGames has officially announced the release of Journey of a Gladiator 2, the indie studio’s sequel to Outlast Journey of a Gladiator on mobile. Players can step into the role of a slave-turned-gladiator as they duke it out in ...

MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate revamps the sports title with 3D graphics and more, out now on iOS and Android

Com2uS has officially announced the launch of MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate, letting players immerse themselves into the MLB Perfect Inning series now with top-notch 3D graphics and a revamped system for pitching and batting. The mobile sports title features ...

MementoMori is now open for pre-registration on Google Play following iOS pre-order period

Bank of Innovation, Inc. has officially announced that pre-registration for MementoMori is now also now open on Google Play following its pre-order phase on the iOS App Store. The upcoming mobile RPG lets players experience a tragic world of music ...

Iron Knight: Nonstop Idle RPG Is Now Out On Android

Get As Strong As You Can SUPERBOX.Inc recently added their newest title to their game library. Iron Knight: Nonstop Idle RPG joins the likes of both bubble-matching and idle games. This isn’t the first idle developed by SUPERBOX.Inc, and it ...


Will Smith addresses Oscar's slap in a five-minute YouTube video

Google Stadia is Not Shutting Down

Google denies rumor that Stadia is shutting down

Stadia "is not shutting down," Google insists

Google is not shutting Stadia down

Best Phone Controllers For Mobile Gaming On iOS And Android

Google Play Store Gets New Logo for Its 10th Anniversary

Indie darling Papers, Please coming to Android and iOS in August

Papers, Please, the hit indie game from 2013, is releasing on iOS and Android next month

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Confirmed on iOS, Android; Switch Version Out This Summer

Torchlight: Infinite begins pre-registration on Android and iOS as the open beta launches in October

Vahn's Quest lets you enjoy infinite hero growth, out now on iOS and Android

The Sensible ‘Papers, Please’ Is Coming to iPhone and Android on August fifth, Unfastened Replace for Current iPad Homeowners

Surf Chance lets you surf inside someone's digestive system and more, out now on Android

Wings of Glory is a digital adaptation of a WWI-themed board game, out now on iOS and Android

Lucas Pope Revealed On Social Media That The Odd Logic Game Papers, Please, Would Be Available For iOS And Android Mobile Devices

8 Best Casino “Android Apps” for Canada (July 2022)

Path of Titans' closed beta test begins next week for iOS, Android, PC and console

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the popular physics-based battle sim, is coming to iOS and Android

10 Best VR Games Without Controller for Android & iOS

Space Leaper: Cocoon, an intergalactic RPG, has begun pre-registration for Android and iOS

Engadget Podcast: Diving into the Pixel 6a and Netflix's latest mess

A Beloved Christian Bale Thriller Is the Most Googled 2000s Movie in America

Nvidia enabling 120FPS GeForce Now cloud gaming on all compatible Android devices

Top 20 Android games with controller support

Isaiah 13 is an upcoming single-player RTS coming to iOS and Android on July 23rd

Google Play users say they can’t make purchases for Japan region games

Sushi Surf lets you catch fish to make sushi, out now on iOS and Android

Rigid Force Redux, the critically acclaimed shoot 'em up, is coming to Android soon

Genshin Impact actor and YouTuber LilyPichu puts paycheck into Wishes

Google Datacentres Fry Amid European Heatwave

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed by Dislikes on Youtube

Google, Oracle datacenters melt down in extreme European heatwave

Road to Valor: Empires Now Available on Google Play and App Store

Call of Dungeon: Devil's Quest lets you help a greedy miner escape the devil's den, out now on iOS and Android

Fantasy Town, gamigo's farming sim, is officially out on Android and iOS

Minecraft meets AI in nightmare fuel YouTube video

Cross Summoner:R, the brand new remake of the original 2014 game, opens up a public beta for Android gamers

Era of Conquest launches Early Bird event for Android, allowing players to get a head start ahead of launch

Lester Chen leaves YouTube as global head of gaming creators

Chimeraland lets you create majestic beasts as pets and mounts, out now on iOS and Android

Nightmare Fuel Donkey Kong Country TV Series Is Free To Watch On YouTube And Amazon

How to Watch YouTube While Playing PS5 Games

Fortnite is hosting Android Galaxy Cup 3 with a new galaxy outfit reward

Motion Recreation Mutation Country From SNK and Hamster Is Out Now on iOS and Android Because the Latest ACA NeoGeo Collection Unlock

How to stop BitLife from crashing on Android and iPhone

5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Android & iOS (2022)

Racing Master launches third beta test for Android devices for Canadian gamers

GTA Vice City removed from the Google Play Store

The Increasing Appeal of Video Games on Android-Based Smartphones

Google Nest Hub just got a massive price cut for Prime Day

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is out now on iOS and Android, with a special Facebook giveaway of an iPhone 13 Pro and more

Myth is the latest Twitch superstar to get poached by Youtube

Myth has signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming

Genshin Impact teaser trailer soars to top of YouTube Trending with almost 6 million views in a single day

Typoman Remastered, a re-release of the console and PC puzzle platformer, launches for iOS and Android

Popular Streamer Myth Is Moving From Twitch To YouTube Gaming

Twitch streamer Myth signs exclusive YouTube Gaming deal

Find hidden objects game (AR) lets you search for hand-drawn items in augmented reality, out now on iOS and Android

Rumble Jungle, a brand new free-to-play multiplayer arcade game, opens up pre-registrations as well as a beta for Android users