EK announces Quantum Velocity² AM5 water block series for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs

EK ANNOUNCES AM5-COMPATIBLE EK-QUANTUM VELOCITY² CPU WATER BLOCKS EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is announcing the latest generation of EK-Quantum Velocity² water blocks. These socket-specific water blocks are engineered specifically for the upcoming AMD® AM5 socket and Ryzen ...

AMD announces EXPO technology for DDR5 memory overclocking

AMD EXPO for with DDR5 overclocking profiles AMD is finally confirming EXPO technology. AMD Extended Profiles for Overclocking (EXPO) is an alternative technology to Intel XMP 3.0. The EXPO technology will enable one click DDR5 overclocking for AM5 builds and ...

Watch AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen4 desktop series announcement here

AMD Ryzen 7000 announcement Today, AMD is revealing a lineup of Ryzen 7000 desktop processors. AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announced “together we advance_PCs,” a livestream premiere to unveil next generation AMD PC products. Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su, CTO and ...

US imposes license requirement for NVIDIA A100/H100 GPUs export to China and Russia, $400M revenue at risk

NVIDIA may lose $400M revenue with new export restrictions The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has informed NVIDIA that it may not export its newest data-center GPUs to Russia and China without license. NVIDIA will be required to obtain ...

LG announces bendable 42-inch OLED Flex TV

LG Electronics LG Takes Gaming Immersion Next-Level With World’s First Bendable 42-Inch OLED TV SEOUL, Aug. 31, 2022 — LG Electronics (LG) is introducing LG OLED Flex (model LX3), an innovative new TV boasting the world’s first bendable 42-inch OLED ...

AMD confirms Ryzen 7000 memory ‘sweet spot’ is DDR5-6000

AMD Ryzen 7000 memory sweet spot it DDR5-6000 Robert Hallock, Technical Marketing Manager for AMD, confirmed on official Discord channel what would be the best memory configuration for Ryzen 7000 series. For Ryzen 7000 series, the best choice for DDR5 ...

AMD predicts DDR5 could hit DDR4 pricing levels by mid-2023

AMD's pushing DDR5 adoption with AM5 and its own open EXPO memory standard, though will still be supporting Intel's XMP.

US orders Nvidia to halt sale of $400M worth of GPUs to China

The ban is meant to "keep advanced technologies out of the wrong hands."

Valve planning for ‘next gen’ Steam Decks that might have a streaming option

Screengrab via Valve In an issue of Weekly Famitsu, Valve discussed the future of the Steam Deck device. There may be some changes to the Steam Deck in the next iteration of the console and Valve discussed some of ...

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X Zen4 CPU not showing its full potential in leaked Cinebench R23 tests

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X tested in Cinebench R23 Looks like someone with access to AMD’s upcoming 16-core CPU was kind enough to share some preliminary benchmarks. AMD already presented some benchmarks during the official product announcement this Monday. However, not ...

Secretlab Launches The Magnus Pro Sit-To-Stand Metal Desk

Secretlab has launched its latest upgrade to their gaming desk line as they revealed the Magnus Pro Sit-To-Stand Metal Desk. This is an improvement on the standard version for those looking for a standing option, as they have built the ...

Microsoft's 'normcore' clothing line had me feeling highly inappropriate

Wearing a slogan like that is bound to raise some eyebrows.

Intel Core i5-13600K and i7-13700K pre-production samples have been tested in games

Intel Raptor Lake CPU provide better minimum framerates than Alder Lake CPU in first gaming test ExtremePlayer brings a gaming review of Intel Core i7 and i5 CPUs from upcoming 13th Gen Core series. This is not the first test ...

Intel Core i7-13700K has been overclocked to 6 GHz, allegedly scores 983 points in CPU-Z ST test

Intel Raptor Lake reaches 6 GHz clock We received screenshots which appear to show a 5.8-6 GHz CPU clock on a 16-core CPU. Two tests featuring alleged Core i7-13700K have allegedly been leaked. The first one shows the processor reaching ...

CHIPS act passes US Congress

A $52B boost for domestic chip production.

NVIDIA announces SIGGRAPH 2022 Special Address with CEO Jensen Huang on August 9th

Jensen is back NVIDIA will host a Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022. The CEO Jensen Huang and NVIDIA senior leadership will take part in a Special Address on August 9th. The event is planned as part of the SIGGRAPH 2022 ...

Colorful announces silver B660I Mini-ITX DDR4 motherboard for Alder Lake CPUs, costs 159 USD

COLORFUL Launched CVN B660I Mini-ITX Motherboards July 29th, 2022 Shenzhen, China – Colorful Technology Company Limited, a professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards, all-in-one gaming and multimedia solutions, and high-performance storage, introduces the CVN B660I GAMING FROZEN and CVN B660I ...

Chinese Zhaoxin based GPU is reportedly as fast as 10 year old GeForce GT 630

Chinese GPU compete with NVIDIA graphics card from 2012 ITHome has some 3DMark 11 benchmark results featuring Glenfly Arise-GT-10C0 GPU graphics card. The Glenfly graphics card is based on Zhaoxin KX-6000 series GPU which offers up to 8 cores clocked ...

Intel is officially shutting down its Optane memory business

Intel is officially winding down its Optane memory business One of the announcements included with the Intel’s Q2 earnings call was a confirmation that the company is shutting down its Optane Memory division. The confirmation is hidden in the non-GAAP ...

AMD Radeon RX 6000 cards reach 14% below MSRP in Germany, GeForce RTX 30 at -9%

The last price update on current-gen GPUs from 3DCenter 3DCenter provide the last pricing update on RX 6000 and RTX 30 GPUs. Over the past few weeks GPU prices have gone back to MSRPs, and in many cases went even ...

Intel confirms 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” mobile will launch by end of 2022

Intel Raptor Lake mobile in 2022 Intel is planning to launch Raptor Lake mobile sooner than Alder Lake predecessor. The company is reaffirming its plans to launch 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake CPUs in the second half of 2022. Intel ...

Chernobylite gets official implementation of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0

Farm 51’s Chernobylite now with FSR 2.0 With numerous games getting unofficial FSR 2.0 support, Chernobylite is one of the games that actually gets official implementation. Chernobylite, a survival horror RPG set in a sci-fi open world, was initially released ...

Valve resolves Steam Deck supply chain issues, reservations are moved up

Steam Deck will now ship faster Valve’s production team today announced that they have resolved all underlying issues with supply chain for Steam Deck. Preorders that were listed for Q4 or later have now been bumped to Q3 (July-September window). ...

ASUS & MSI now offer desktops with Intel Arc A380/A310 desktop GPUs

Intel Arc A3 series now available through ASUS/MSI? Intel Arc A380 GPU, the first desktop card from the Alchemist series is now available in three new prebuilt systems. The A380 had an initial launch for system integrators in China in ...

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MSI MEG X670E GODLIKE PCB and specs leak out, 24+2+1 phase VRM design for AMD Ryzen 7000 series

MSI ultra premium motherboard design for Ryzen 7000 CPUs MSI X670E GODLIKE from the MEG series is big and powerful. First pictures of the new motherboard PCB design have been shared by Wccftech. The MEG GODLIKE and its sibling MEG ...

SEC charges 11 people in alleged $300 million crypto Ponzi scheme

Forsage worked with "Crypto Crusaders" to help promote the alleged scam.

Intel 24-core Core i9-13900K “Raptor Lake” CPU also seen running 6.0 GHz

Flagship Raptor Lake CPU at 6.0 GHz Baidu user “Xiaochun” claims to have overclocked the upcoming Intel Raptor Lake CPU to 6.0 GHz. The intel 16-core Core i7-13700K preproduction CPU sample has just been seen running at 6 GHz two ...

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Intel Core i7-13700K Raptor Lake CPU allegedly crosses 6.18 GHz clock and 1K points in CPU-Z

Intel i7-13700K at almost 6.2 GHz CPU-Z screenshots featuring Core i7-13700K Qualification Sample reaching new record speeds have been posted by QXE (@QXE87) on Twitter. It is shown that a CPU from Raptor Lake series already reached 6185 MHz with ...

Razer Announces Two Special Editions Of The Enki Pro Gaming Chair

Razer unveiled two new editions of their Enki Pro gaming chair today, as they’re partnering with Williams Esports and Koenigsegg. Both of these special editions carry all of the usual benefits you get from the Enki Pro, which the company ...

AMD to announce Ryzen 7000 on August 29th, launching September 15th

AMD Ryzen 7000 series to be unveiled this month According to Wccftech, AMD has set the date for hard launch of the new desktop Zen4 CPUs. This is a follow-up to official confirmation for AMD releasing Ryzen 7000 series this ...

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Intel pits Arc A750 GPU against Nvidia RTX 3060 in showcase video

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Intel Core i9-13900K boosts up to 5.8 GHz in a new leak, 54% faster multi-core than Ryzen 9 5950X

Razer Reveals New Mouse Mats With The Strider & Goliathus Chroma

Core i9-13900K breaks 40K points in Cinebench R23 with unlimited power and 5.8 GHz clock

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Our favorite PS5 SSD has hit an all time low price

Intel gets serious with its Arc Pro A-series GPUs

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MSI confirms Ryzen 7000 CPUs and X670 motherboards are set to launch on September 15th

Micron 24 Gbps GDDR6X memory for GeForce RTX 40 series is now in production

EVGA slashes RTX 3090 Ti price by $1000 to just $1149

AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 desktop series specs leak out, Ryzen 9 PRO 5945 features 12 cores

The best USB Wi-Fi adapter in 2022

AMD Ryzen 7000 DDR5 memory ‘sweet spot’ is 6000 MT/s, Infinity Fabric frequency up to 3 GHz

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Intel announces Arc Pro A40 and Arc A50 professional desktop GPUs

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 series now available for the DIY market, 64 Zen3 cores for $6500

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ACER gaming PC with Intel Arc A380 GPU is now available for preorder, MSI officially confirms Arc A310

First AIB allegedly stop Intel Arc graphics cards production due to ‘quality concerns’

AMD shows off premium X670E motherboards

NVIDIA announces weaker Q2 gaming GPU sales, now working with channel partners to adjust prices

TeamGroup announces Elite+ DDR5-6000 memory compatible with Intel and AMD systems, costs 270 USD for 2x16GB kit

China’s Biren BR100 is 7nm HPC GPU with 77B transistors and 64GB HBM2e memory

Intel publishes ARC GPU story, promises global launch ‘later this year’

MSI introduces MEG Ai1300P, the world’s first ATX 3.0 compliant power supply with full 600W PCIe Gen5 connector

Lenovo introduces Xiaoxin Pro 27 All-In-One PC with Intel Arc A370M graphics

MSI introduces Arc A380 low profile graphics card

AMD Ryzen Embedded 5000 series specs emerge, Ryzen 5900E features 10 Zen3 cores

Intel to showcase entry-level Arc PRO graphics at SIGGRAPH

The biggest unboxing of AMD Ryzen CPUs ever: 3,500 Ryzen 7 6800U chips

Gigabyte AM5 Tachyon overclocking motherboard to be based on AMD B650 chipset, not X670

Intel discontinues premium packaging design for Core i9-12900K and i9-10980XE CPUs

Intel reveals ARC A750 gaming performance in 48 DX12 & Vulkan games, up to 5% faster than RTX 3060

MemTestX86 will now help directly identify faulty DDR5 memory modules

ASRock is Challenging reviewers with their own test of ARC A380 graphics card

Lenovo launches ThinkStation and ThinkPad workstations with AMD Ryzen PRO series CPUs

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Minisforum launches TH60/TH80 MiniPCs with Intel “Tiger Lake” Core i5-11400H/i5-11800H processors

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