Concrete is one of the most popular blocks that many Minecrafters use for building purposes. In this article, we’ll show you how to make concrete in Minecraft!

Two ways to make concrete in Minecraft

#1 Craft Concrete Powder

There is no Concrete Powder block in Minecraft because you can only craft this with one piece of any dye. We will pick red dye to demonstrate how to make concrete since it’s fairly simple to get red dye in Minecraft.

Collect 4 Sand

Sand is a common yellow block in Minecraft that spawn in most Minecraft biomes. Sand can be dug with a shovel (any tier) and can be found near rivers and lake shores, under the deep sea, or mostly in the desert biome.

Note that on average, one chunk in Minecraft can contain over 500 blocks of sand. And in the desert biome, this number increases massively! Although there is another variation of sand called “Red Sand”, you can’t use it to craft Concrete Powder in Minecraft.

Sand blocks can also be found in looted chests in the desert temple structure. Which have a 59% chance to contain 1-8 sand blocks. But since the temple is only generated in the desert biome, it does not make sense to collect sand this way.

Alternatively, you can trade an emerald with the wandering trader for 8 sand blocks.

Collect 4 Gravel

Gravel is another common resource block in Minecraft that can be found near rivers, lakes, and ponds. Gravel is also spawned mostly in the windswept gravelly hills and stone shore biomes. Each chunk in Minecraft can contain up to 160 gravel blocks and this is quite rare compared to sand.

The biggest note is that you can find gravel while mining underground, so depending on your play style, gravel may be easier to find than sand.

Moreover, you can trade a gold ingot with the piglins for 8-16 gravel blocks. Each time trading, you only have around 8.71% to get gravel so bringing some extra gold ingots is recommended.

Collect Any Dye (Red)

As mentioned earlier, we will choose red dye for this article. But remember that you can choose any of the 16 dyes in Minecraft to craft concrete.

Red Dye can be crafted by putting either of the following items on the crafting table: poppy, red tulip, beetroot, and rose bush.

Poppy flowers are super common in Minecraft. You can find them in most biomes in the Overworld, except Swamp, Badlands, and Mushroom Field biomes.

Red tulips should have spawn locations like poppies. Except they won’t spawn in Forests, Birch Forests, and Dark Forests.

Alternatively, Beetroot is a farm crop and can only be found on the village’s farm. You can also trade an emerald with the farmer’s villager for 15 beetroots.

Finally, rose bushes are double-tall flowers that can only spawn in the Flower Forest, Forests, Birch Forests, and Dark Forests biomes. Note that you can only find them through natural generation, which means you can’t bone meal the ground to get them like other flowers.

Craft Concrete Powder

When you have 4 sand, 4 gravel, and a dye of your choice, right-click the Crafting Table and put them all in to craft 8 Concrete Powder (Red Concrete Powder in this case).

#2 Turn Concrete Powder into Concrete

The real challenge begins when you need to transform your concrete powder into Concrete. By putting the powder into any water block (source or flowing), the Red Concrete Powder will turn into solid Red Concrete blocks.

You can do this manually by carrying the powder to a nearby river, or you can make a fully automated Redstone machine to do the job for you.

Another fun way to craft concrete in Minecraft is to build a high concrete powder tower in a water block, then jump down and start breaking the bottom block. By doing so, the block on top will fall into the water so you only need to aim your mouse at one location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is concrete better than terracotta Minecraft?

We think concrete is way better than terracotta in Minecraft because the texture and color of the concrete are more accurate. Moreover, crafting concrete is somewhat easier than crafting terracotta in Minecraft!

What’s the difference between concrete and terracotta Minecraft?

Concrete is made of sand, gravel, and dye, while terracotta is made of clay in Minecraft.

Can you dye concrete after making it in Minecraft?

You can’t dye or change the Concrete’s color after making it. Simply because you make concrete from concrete powder, so make sure that you choose the correct color in the beginning.


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