Good Smile opens pre-orders for Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Dimitri and Felix POP UP PARADE figures

Dimitri Alexandre “The Boar” Blaiddyd Felix Hugo Fraldarius The next wave of Good Smile’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses (and technically Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes) POP UP PARADE figures have been unveiled. Representing the Blue Lions is none other ...

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes memo pad added to My Nintendo rewards

Are you a fan of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes AND need to write stuff down on occasion? Well, the My Nintendo store has your back with the FEW:3H memo pad, featuring characters Shez (male and female), Arval, Edelgard, Dimitri, ...

Bandai to release special Hatsune Miku Tamagotchis

We all enjoy raising little virtual pets, but what if those pets were instead international pop stars with synthetic voices? Fortunately, Bandai is here to provide an answer to that question we’ve definitely all had in the past, announcing that ...

Fangamer releases new Banjo-Kazooie hat, RareRacer pins, and Rareware Retro Backpack

Fangamer has announced that its catalog of Rare throwback products has once again expanded with new merchandise. Surprisingly, rather than just a handful of original Banjo-Kazooie and Conker items, the company’s collaborative catalog of products is seeing additions from Rare’s ...

Hobonichi releasing eight EarthBound “Your Sanctuary” dioramas this August

Get those sound stones ready to absorb some of the wonderful moments from Shigesato Itoi’s cult classic game. Hobonichi will be releasing eight dioramas based on EarthBound (Mother 2) in Japan this August. Below, viewers can get a look at ...

Kirby Character Encyclopedia coming this September, features 1,000 characters from the whole series

The big Kirby news rolling your way today may be the reveal of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, but there’s something a little more commemorative in the works too. It’s been announced that a new book will be released this fall that ...

This New Lady Dimitrescu Figure Stands at a Towering 1/4 Scale

You will learn what it means to insult the House Dimitrescu!

The Pokémon Center customers can request a Special Delivery Charizard promo card code

Now is your chance to receive a promo code to buy a TCG promo card! To celebrate the launch of The Pokémon Center in the UK, the online store will be distributing codes sometime during the next 12 weeks for ...

PokéToon’s latest localized episode is all about Magikarp

The Pokémon Company continues to roll out English versions of its PokéToon series via the Pokémon TV app. This time the episode is titled “Wait for Me, Magikarp!” and focuses on the iconically useless flopping fish Pokémon. As always you’ll ...

Sleep in style with Sonic dressing robe and slippers

It may be the antithesis of going fast but Sega’s UK shop is set to release a bunch of Sonic the Hedgehog-themed sleepwear later this year. First up is a Sonic Hooded Robe, perfect for lazily grabbing a carton of ...

Lego Announces The Mighty Bowser Set For Adult Lego Fans

Mighty King Bowser is bigger than ever

Nabisco and Pokémon team up for back to school sweepstakes because time is fleeting

Even though we’re barely into July, we’re still being forced to think about the next school year, because the march of time isn’t fast enough. Right now, this existential nightmare is being brought to you by Nabisco and The Pokémon ...

English version of PokéToon episode 3 arrives

In a rather quick turnaround the next PokéToon animated short has arrived! This time around it focuses on the aspiring Pokémon champion Blossom who is put to the test as she explores a nearby forest. Once again we can’t embed ...

First 4 Figures Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Statue unveiled, pre-orders available

First 4 Figures has unveiled a new addition to their Crash Bandicoot lineup of statues. Coming in hot from the octane tracks of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, customers can get a good look at the beautiful Crash in Kart statue ...

Bubble-themed goods coming to Japan Pokémon Center and Pokémon Café in July

Nothing quite screams summer as much as bubbles do — according to the Japanese Pokémon Center! Arriving in just a few weeks, on July 23rd, goods themed to bubbles will release at Pokémon Center locations around Japan. In this series ...

Hololive Sanrio Collab Pairs Your Favorite Vtubers And Sanrio Characters Together

Hololive has announced a new collaboration with mascot factory Sanrio, pairing iconic characters like Hello Kitty with the popular Japanese Vtubers. According to Twitter, this collaboration will be in the form of various merchandise, though the exact nature of what ...

Fangamer adds Monster Hunter Rise “Hellfire” shirt featuring Magnamalo to store page

You can now rock the Wyvern of Malice wherever you go! Fangamer has added a new Monster Hunter Rise t-shirt featuring Magnamalo to its catalog. Below, viewers can get a good look at the stylish Hellfire t-shirt that features the ...

Pokémon GO-themed promo Pikachu Trading Card to arrive at select retailers

The Pokémon Trading Card Game’s Pokémon GO-themed expansion arrives on store shelves tomorrow, July 1st, and it’s been confirmed that a special promo card will be distributed via select retailers across North America. The card, featuring Pikachu wearing a blue ...

PowerA to release new Pikachu and Link-themed wired Switch controllers

Need a more traditional gamepad for Nintendo Switch but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for an official Pro Controller? Check out these lower-cost colorful alternatives coming from PowerA, which is releasing three new designs in its Enhanced ...

2022 Pokémon World Championships head to London with new logo

With the North American International Championships wrapping up last week, it’s time for the victors across the globe to start prepping for a trip to the World Championships. This year they’ll be held in London, England, and will be held ...

The Living Jar From Elden Ring Is Getting Its Own Posable Figure

The Living Jar is getting its own official figure made by Science Patrol, in the latest merchandise announcement from the popular game Elden Ring. According to DenFamiNicoGamer, The Science Patrol Living Jar figure from Elden Ring will be the first ...

POKÉTOON Episode 2 arrives on Pokémon TV

The Pokémon Company is continuing to localize its PokéToon series of shorts with Episode 2, “The Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero”, arriving on Pokémon TV. The episode, as the title suggests, focuses on a determined Pancham who is ...

Atlus to release Shin Megami Tensei V and Persona 5 Stubbins plushes

If you’ve been wanting to welcome an adorable tiny Nahobino into your home then you’re in luck, as Atlus has announced a collaboration with the manufacturer Stubbins for a selection of new plushes. In terms of 10 inch Deluxe plushes, ...

My Nintendo Summer Fun Sports Sweepstakes kicks up a nice haul of outdoor rewards

To help kick off the summer, Nintendo will be holding a summer sweepstakes on the My Nintendo website. From now until August 8th, users can enter to win a bundle containing six rewards related to Mario Strikers: Battle League and ...

Dynaction Omegamon Figure Is Over A Foot Tall And Open For Pre Order

Bandai has announceda huge addition to any Digimon collector’s collection- with the all new Dynaction Omegamon (Omnimon if you’re in the west) action figure, which is now open for pre order. This figure is available via the P Bandai website, ...

Good Smile now accepting pre-orders for Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Bernadetta and Edelgard POP UP PARADE figures

Edelgard von Hresvelg Bernadetta von Varley While Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes this week, Good Smile went surprised everyone by opening pre-orders for two new figures from the ...

Classic Sonic Advent Calendar announced by Jakks Pacific

The festive season may be half a year away but that’s not stopping Sonic from speeding ahead with a new Advent Calendar reveal. As Sonic Merch News reports, this year’s daily gift-giver is themed to Classic Sonic in particular, featuring ...

Pokémon Scale World expanding further into Sinnoh with Platinum heroes, Lucario, more

The very collectible and charming Pokémon Scale World figures, which aim to recreate the sizeable roster of Pokémon and even some trainers at 1/20th scale, will soon be expanding further into the Sinnoh region. Previously Bandai Spirits released the heroes, ...

Pokémon Center collaborates with Craft Sportswear to release line of athletic wear

Need to work out? Want to do so while wearing some certified, licensed Pokémon gear? Pokémon Center’s new collaboration with Craft Sportswear may be just the thing for you, featuring a host of athletic clothes that can help you work ...

Japan’s new Rowlet beaded sofa chair is a hoot

We’ve seen the sizable Snorlax, the ghastly Gengar, and the dopey-looking Ditto turned into furniture, but now it’s time for something more adorable. The latest addition to Cellutane’s Pokémon sofa series is the beloved Alolan starter Rowlet. Priced at ¥25,990 ...

Digimon Dim Card V3 Espimon And Ryudamon Are Available For Pre-Order

Their evolution lines have also been revealed

European Sega shop reveals collection of Crazy Taxi merch available for pre-order

Do you like racing across town with road rage just to ferry people to their destination? Headbanging to some rockin’ ’90s tunes along the way? Having merch that shows your love for the aforementioned two things? Then check out this ...

Build a Gummi Ship from Kingdom Hearts with this new block set

An omnipresent feature in all of the numbered Kingdom Hearts games is the Gummi Ship, and while it’s never really anyone’s favorite part of the game, there’s fun to be had with the customization options and shoot ’em up gameplay. ...

Honkai Impact 3rd Herrscher of Flamescion Scale Figure Announced

Your final lesson is to always say yes to more Honkai merch

My Nintendo adds Mario Strikers: Battle League Drawstring Bag to rewards catalog

Whether you want to use it to carry around your finest pair of cleats or your Nintendo Switch and a couple of controllers, Mario Strikers fans should direct their shots towards My Nintendo while the timing is right. For 600 ...

Hololive IF Relax Prize Figures Show Your Favorite Vtubers Getting Comfy

Hololive has released a line of prize figures titled Hololive IF Relax, as part of the Ichibankuji Prize Figures by Banpresto. Being prize figures, the Hololive IF Relax line are primarily released in Japanese arcades, where you can win them ...

Resin statues of Amy Rose and Tails by First 4 Figures announced during Sonic Central

This month’s Sonic Central was full of announcements for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. There was a trailer for Sonic Origins, confirmation that Shadow the Hedgehog would be in Sonic Prime, and more. Of course, there were also some non-video ...


Guilty Gear Strive May Scale Figure Available For Pre Order

Pokémon GO details its TCG cross-over events

Bug Fables getting three plushes via Makeship

WonHobby Spring 2022 announces new figures for Hades, Kirby, more

Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary cafes to pop up in Tokyo

Pre-order this ⅙ scale Ryza swimsuit figure that absolutely no one will judge you for

Yoshitaka Amano draws upcoming Batman comic issue cover

Garmin Malaysia Launches the Instinct 2 One Piece Smartwatches

Pokémon Center Japan adds pixelated Poké-caps from New Era

Final Fantasy’s Moogle and Cactuar getting cute knit plushes

Pokémon All Star Light Converse designs now available in Japan

U-Treasure reveals new high-end Snorlax jewelry

My Nintendo adds Nintendo Switch Sports towel reward

GEMEX Series Pokémon Dialga & Palkia statue releasing this December in Japan

Fangamer reveals Dancing Flowey Plush from Undertale

Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo

Mipha statue from First 4 Figures up for pre-order

Pokémon Center add sterling silver necklaces for Kanto legendary birds

Mega Construx’s Pokémon line celebrates Eevee and Kanto starters

U-Treasure releases Mew rings in Japan

Kirby All Star Collection plushes add Adeleine, Ribbon and Dream Land 3 Animal Friends

Genshin Impact Venti Nendoroid To Open Pre Orders This Week

Pokémon Center Japan to add new Easter line of goods 

First 4 Figures Castlevania Death statue now available for pre-order

E-102 Gamma and Ray getting new Sonic the Hedgehog plushes

Pokémon Center x OMOCAT collection debuts in US, Canada, and UK

Persona 5 Strikers and Royal soundtracks hit streaming services

JAKKS Pacific to release line of Sonic merch to coincide with new movie

Three Greninja Poké Lids arrive in the Shiga Prefecture’s Koka City

Beawalker and The Pokémon Company unveil new Mew and Gyarados skateboards

My Nintendo NA adds Switch game card case and Tom Nook keychain as physical rewards

Red and blue face off in new Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie poster

Pre-orders are live for Monika Nendoroid from Doki Doki Literature Club

Metroid Dread Samus, Undyne, Ezio, more getting new figures from Good Smile

Unboxing SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Zero-One Rising Hopper 50th Anniversary Version: Strike a pose!

Third ‘Sonic’ film announced, Knuckles live-action series headed to Paramount+

Experience the natural habitats of Pokémon with Galar Terrarium Collection EX

The Best Figures Announced at WonHobby 35

Preorders for DDLC Monika Nendoroid Open Next Week

Animal Crossing Coaster Set added to My Nintendo

Hong Kong pre-orders for Kirby and the Forgotten Land include Mouthful Mode backpack cover bonus

Sonic Adventure 2 getting a Radical new statue

2022 Pokémon World Championships to be held at the ExCel London this August

My Nintendo Europe and UK add Triangle Strategy pin sets

My Nintendo UK adds ACNH wrapping paper set as physical reward

Cuphead Revealed statue from Youtooz… revealed

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gets amiibo diorama set Special Edition

New Hisuian Poké plushies arrive at the Pokémon Center

Swap fashion brand for crest in Fire Emblem: Three Houses bags from SuperGroupies

Check out the fresh line of Splatoon 3 ‘SQUID or OCTO’ merch that dropped at Nintendo Tokyo

New Animal Crossing All Star Collection plushies up for pre-order

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak plushies up for pre-order

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nia figure up for pre-order

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim art exhibition at Gallery Nucleus announced, features exclusive prints and Nintendo Switch OLED giveaways

Hisuian Voltorb plush rolls onto Pokémon Center storefront

Grookey is the latest Pokémon to get the Build-A-Bear treatment

New Warcraft Merchandise is Available on The New Blizzard Store

Next Pokémon plane emblazoned with Wailord, Shaymin, Magikarp

Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary watches up for pre-order