Microsoft Launches Outlook Lite for Android: Here's What You Have to Know

What Does the New Outlook Lite Offer? Outlook Lite Targets Low-end Android Devices Microsoft has started rolling out Outlook Lite in select countries. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. The company officials announced ...

Microsoft Creates Xbox-Inspired WNBA Court for New York Liberty Game

Microsoft – Barclay’s Center Redesign Details Barclay’s Gaming-Inspired Basketball Court Metaverse Equivalent A look at the Barclay Center Basketball court from a basketball player’s point of view. Notice the “ventilation holes” under the net. Photo : Microsoft Professional basketball ...

Report: US Gamers Are Not Spending a Much as They Did in 2021

Research firm NPD says the US video game industry – including Xbox and PlayStation – declined across the board in Q2.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Fokker F28, C-17, & Newark Airport Get New Screenshots & Dev Updates; Kagoshima Released & Pristina Announced

Third-party developers continue to work hard on add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and new reveals and a release have been shared today. We start with Just Flight, which provided a development update and new screenshots of its upcoming Fokker F28 ...

Beyond Good & Evil 2 resurfaces with new lead writer

Are we seeing a new Duke Nukem Forever situation here, or could it possibly end up like Final Fantasy VII: Remake?

Microsoft Internet Explorer is hiding within Windows 11

Microsoft sent Internet Explorer to the retirement home last month, but Windows 11 appears to be harbouring the browser within your gaming PC or laptop

Microsoft is Testing an Xbox Game Pass Widget in Windows 11

It's currently available to Windows Insiders.

Microsoft lets Xbox Series S devs increase console’s memory

Microsoft is allowing Xbox Series S developers to increase the console’s memory, giving them more space to access games and boost the performance of some titles. The June Game Development Kit (GDK) is Available Now The company’s Game Dev ...

Microsoft is rolling out a 5-person, family sharing Game Pass plan

Up to five people could access one Game Pass account.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Lear Fan & New Sim Update 10 Beta Build Released; Belfast Airport Coming This Weekend & Goodwood Announced

General Bug Fixes VFR Map: G1000 NXi: Today both Microsoft and third-party developers had Microsoft Flight Simulator news in store, including releases and new reveals. We start with Microsoft itself, which released a new build of the Beta ...

Microsoft is Testing an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan — Who Can Try It Right Now?

Up to Four Individuals May Share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Microsoft Upgrades Xbox S’s RAM Xbox Insiders in two nations will be able to explore the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, which lets users add up to four ...

Microsoft frees up memory on Xbox Series S to "improve graphics performance"

“Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers"

Microsoft helps game devs pull more performance from the Xbox Series S

Aaron Souppouris/Engadget Frustrated that games don’t run as well on the Xbox Series S as you’d expect given the 1440p-capable hardware? Microsoft might have a fix. The Verge has learned the company’s recently highlighted June Game Development Kit gives ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Harrier & Bendigo Airport Get New Screenshots; Belfast Shines in New Trailer

Third-party developers shared new assets of upcoming aircraft and airport add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We start with DC Designs, which provided a development update about the AV-8B Harrier II, which should be released in September. “Hi folks, more cockpit ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Dash 7 Gets New Screenshots; Tunis Carthage Airport Coming Soon; Belfast & Sitka Airports Released

Today third-party developers had news and releases to share about aircraft and airport add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We take the first look at the exterior of the de Havilland Canada Dash 7 by SimWorks Studios and PILOT’s, alongside a development update. “Our full ...

Microsoft trials Xbox and PC Game Pass family plan

Microsoft trials an Xbox and PC Game Pass family plan for Xbox Insiders with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription that covers up to five users for a single fee

Microsoft Flight Simulator de Havilland Vampire Released; Ibiza Airport Announced; Christchurch & Cuneo Get New Trailers

Today is Sunday, but the third-party add-on industry for Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t slowing down, delivering a new release and new reveals. We start with the launch of the de Havilland Vampire DH-100 by Swissmilsim. You can purchase it ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Edmonton International Airport Released; Bendigo Gets New Screenshots

Third-party developers have released a relevant airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator and revealed new images of another. First of all, FSimStudios released Edmonton International Airport (CYEG) in Canada. It can be purchased on the developer’s own store and Contrail for ...

Microsoft Debuts Xbox Game Pass Family Subscription Plan

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now available in Ireland and Colombia as a sharing plan for up to four different players.

Microsoft Claims That Sony Pays for 'Blocking Rights' to Prevent Developers From Adding Games to the Xbox Game Pass

Sony ‘Hampered’ Xbox Game Pass Expansion, Claims Microsoft Microsoft Also Sought Game Exclusivity for Streaming Service Regulators Reviewing Microsoft’s $68.7-B Acquistion Bid for Activision Blizzard Microsoft dropped an explosive claim against gaming console rival Sony, charging that the PlayStation ...

Microsoft accuses Sony of paying money to block titles from Game Pass

Sony "does not want attractive subscription services to threaten its dominance in the digital distribution market for console games".

Microsoft defends Activision Blizzard deal after Sony expresses fears over Call of Duty

In a nutshell: Sony recently expressed concerns that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard could cause serious harm to the market if Call of Duty or other Activision games became exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms. Microsoft’s latest response refutes that assertion, accuses ...

Microsoft claims Sony pays to stop devs from adding content to Xbox Game Pass

In the midst of the ongoing battle to get its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard approved by Brazil, Microsoft has accused Sony of paying for “blocking rights” to prevent developers from adding their games to Xbox Game Pass. ...

Microsoft Disputes Sony's Concerns About Call Of Duty Ownership

Microsoft claims that Call of Duty is not in a class of its own within the video game market.

Elden Ring on Xbox Game Pass Was a Bug, Microsoft Says

The Lands Between still aren’t on Game Pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus PC-12 Releasing in Early September; Dash 7 Gets New Screenshots

Today third-party developers had news to share about two upcoming aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first is the Pilatus PC-12 by Carenado. We hear that the aircraft is finally complete and sent to Microsoft for publishing on the official ...

Microsoft Claims Sony Pays "Blocking Rights" To Stop Games Appearing On Game Pass

Microsoft alleges that Sony is looking to prevent developers from making Game Pass deals.

Microsoft Hits Back at Sony’s Concerns over Its Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Microsoft says its Activision Blizzard buyout is not anti-competition and that Sony is worried about losing its dominant position.

Microsoft is bringing Minecraft Legends, Lies of P, and a whole bunch more to Gamescom

The Xbox lineup for Gamescom—Microsoft's first in-person appearance since 2019—has been announced.

Microsoft will let you stream non-Game Pass titles — but not yet

A glitch in Microsoft’s game listings raises intriguing possibilities about Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft Claims Sony Pays to Keep Games off Xbox Game Pass

In a mic drop moment in a recent CADE filing, Microsoft seems to accuse Sony of paying to keep games off Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Claims Sony Pays “Blocking Rights” to Prevent Certain Titles From Releasing on Game Pass

Microsoft says that its "ability to continue expanding Game Pass has been hampered by Sony’s desire to inhibit such growth."

Finally, mainstream esports acceptance: ESPN airs Microsoft Excel All-Star Battle

Microsoft Excel esports are real, and that's no bullsheet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilatus PC-24 Gets First Screenshots; Fokker F28 Fellowship Gets New Images; Brno Airport Released

Today third-party developers revealed new screenshots of upcoming aircraft and released a new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We start with Iris Simulations released the first screenshots of the Pilatus PC-24 business jet. If you think these look great, it’s ...

Microsoft Surface 3 On Sale For Just $200

For $200, this refurbished tablet offers a lot of power and versatility.

Sony pays ‘blocking rights’ to keep titles off Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft

Microsoft made the claim in response to Sony's argument that its rival's planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard would be anti-competitive

Microsoft Flight Simulator M-346 Master & Newark Airport Get New Screenshots & Details; Bari Airport Released & Bermuda Announced

Today Microsoft Flight Simulator developers shared new reveals today about add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, on top of an airport release. We start with IndiaFoxtEcho, which revealed new details and new screenshots of the Aermacchi M-346 Master We learn that ...

Microsoft 365 Outlook Still Crashing? Here Are Some Effective Workarounds to Fix the Issue

Microsoft 365 Outlook Crash Microsoft 365 Outlook Still Crashes Microsoft 365 Outlook Issue Workaround Microsoft 365’s Outlook still crashes or freezes for some users when they launch the app. (Photo : David Ramos / Getty Images) BARCELONA, SPAIN – ...

Microsoft Flight Simulator Announces New Free Aircraft for 40th Anniversary Edition; City Update 1 and Junkers F13 Released; Helicopter & Glider Footage Revealed

Today Microsoft had a lot of news to deliver for fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator, directly from Cologne, Germany, where Gamescom 2022 is being hosted. First of all, we get two themed releases, starting with the free “City Update ...


Microsoft says Xbox Series X/S price to stay the same amid PS5 increase

The DualSense Edge is Sony's answer to Microsoft's Elite controller

Microsoft Flight Simulator Devs on the Game’s Future | gamescom 2022 - IGN

Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter Island Mataveri Airport Gets New Trailer; Tampa & Prague Get New Screenshots

Microsoft Gaming Revenue Drops 7% Year-on-Year; Hardware Revenue Down 11%

4 Million Users Played Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming as Microsoft Boasts Next-Gen Leadership in North America

Microsoft says PC market ‘deteriorated’ in June

Xbox Hardware Revenue Down by 11 Percent, Microsoft Confirms in Q4 FY 2022 Results

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A380 Gets New Screenshots; Iris Simulations’ F-22 Raptor Canceled; Rockhampton & Unalaska Airports Announced

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 737-600 Gets First Video; Pilatus PC-12 Gets New Screenshots; San Antonio Airport Released

10 Under $10 on the Xbox's Microsoft Store

Surface: Season 1 Review

Former Xbox Exec Explains Why Microsoft Encouraged The Console War

Microsoft Flight Simulator Harrier & Launceston Airport Get New Screenshots; Mataveri & Santa Monica Airports Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 737-600 Released & Priced at $34.99

Microsoft Flight Simulator Lear Fan, Canberra & Bendigo Airports Get New Screenshots; Myrtle Beach Airport Released

Windows 10 update bugs printers, but Microsoft details a fix

Multiple WWE 2K Games Have Been Delisted on the Microsoft Store

Could you also speed up my Windows PC's boot time, Microsoft?

Microsoft quietly speeds up Xbox boot times

Microsoft has sped up the Xbox Series X and S boot up time

Nier Automata community "in shambles" after never-before-seen secret door surfaces

Thrustmaster Yoke For Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Big Discount At Amazon

Microsoft Flight Simulator F-22 Raptor Released; Boeing 757 & Belfast Airport Get New Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator Corfu & Santa Marta Airports Released; Prague & Mataveri Get New Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 737-800 Gets First Screenshot & Details; 737-600 Could Release Next Week; 737-700 Gets New Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator Freeware Airbus A220 Gets Development Update; Kajaani Airport Announced & Bendigo Gets New Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 757 & Harrier Get New Screenshots & Dev Updates; Mataveri Airport Announced; Analog Caravan & South America Mesh Released

Minecraft Developer Mojang Says No to NFTs

Microsoft Flight Simulator F-22 Raptor Likely Coming Next Week; FS Traffic & Córdoba Airport Get New Screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator Naples International Airport Released; Analog Caravan Steam Gauge Overhaul Gets Extensive Video

Microsoft is allowing Xbox Insiders to access classic Bethesda titles, including The Elder Scrolls: Arena

Xbox Consoles to Get Discord Voice Chat

PowerWash Simulator is helping me unwind, one clean surface at a time

Microsoft is giving Xbox Insiders free access to classic Bethesda first-person shooters

Microsoft changes its mind about open source monetization

Halo art director is leaving the series and Microsoft after 14 years

As Microsoft-Activision merger nears, a classic FPS license reappears—for free

Microsoft Flight Simulator Globe Swift GC-1A, Lyon & Boise Airports, & LAPD Hooper Heliport Released

Very First Look at Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sequel Surfaces

Halo Infinite Art Director Leaves Microsoft After 14 Years

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A380 & H145, Cirrus Vision Jet, Newark & Belfast Airports Get New Screenshots, Development Updates, & More

Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Deal Could Be Approved By The FTC As Early As Next Month

Microsoft Flight Simulator Maule M7-235 announced; Lyon & Naples Airport Coming Next Week; South America Mesh & Boise Gets New Screenshots; Beijing City Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 757 & Milviz’s Porter Stage 2 Get New Screenshots; South America Mesh Announced & Parma Airport Released

Microsoft Flight Simulator Globe Swift Announced; Harrier Gets WIP Screenshots as DC Designs Teases Working Weapons; London Biggin Hill & Doncaster Sheffield Airports Released

Long-lost Xbox exclusive from TIE Fighter dev surfaces with flying seahorse jousting

Microsoft Could Release Windows 12 as Early as 2024

Microsoft's new development cycle hints at a Windows 12 release in 2024

Microsoft Flight Simulator F-35 Lightning II Finally Released for Xbox; Airport France Pack 2 & Fricktal-Schupfart Airfield Released on PC

Netflix is teaming up with Microsoft to deliver the streamer's ad subscription tier

PlayStation Stars just got unveiled — how does it stack up to Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft announces 'Hardwear' clothing line. Yes, really.

Microsoft Flight Simulator FS Traffic, Airbus 330, Newark Airport, & Beijing Get New Screenshots; Manila Released

Don't make my mistake, buy cheap Microsoft Flight Simulator gear

Netflix is Partnering with Microsoft to Make Its Ad-Supported Subscription Tier

These Prime Day flight stick deals are perfect for Microsoft Flight Simulator fans

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 757 Gets New Screenshot; Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Announced; Exeter & Tenerife Released; Denver Getting “Massive” Update

Xbox Cloud Streaming Won't Replace Consoles, Microsoft Says

Grab these ace Microsoft Flight Simulator Prime Day deals before they fly off