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Sims 4 is an incredibly immersive game, giving players total freedom in how they play. Part of this freedom is the ability to enable cheats. Now, cheats certainly aren’t for everyone, as they can seem like the easy way to do things. But, they can also further help you to achieve the Sims world of your dreams. In this article, we’ll break down all of the types of cheats in Sims 4, when you should use them, and note the pros and cons of cheating in the game. So, let’s get started!

How to Enable Cheats in Sims 4

If you’re looking to use cheats in Sims 4, the first thing you need to do is enable them. This can seem pretty tricky, as the game doesn’t tell players how to do so. However, it’s actually a really simple process.

To enable cheats, simply press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the game’s cheat console. This is the interface where you will type cheats. Once you’re finished, press enter and your cheats will be added!

Sims 4 Money Cheats

When you think about cheating in Sims 4, the first thing that probably comes into your head is money. Just like in real life, your Sims could always use a little extra cash. Here’s how to make that dream come true.

  • Motherlode: 50,000 Simoleons
  • Kaching: 1,000 Simoleons
  • Money [#]: Enter an Exact number
  • Household.autopay_bills [true]: Turn your household bills off.

Sims 4 Build Cheats

If you’re an avid builder, these Sims 4 build cheats will come in handy whilst you play.

  • Modebb.moveobjects: This will allow you to ignore the placement rules for objects, allowing you to put your furniture anywhere you’d like.
  • bb.showhiddenobjects: This cheat will allow you to buy hidden objects, which are otherwise unobtainable.
  • bb.enablefreebuild: This will allow you to build on locked lots.
  • Bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: This cheat will enable you to buy items that are normally locked to certain career paths. This will give you maximum creativity in the game.

Sims 4 Skill Cheats

Skills are one of the most important aspects of the game. However, leveling up skills is very time-consuming, and there’s never enough time for your Sim to learn every skill. All of these problems can disappear will skill cheats, which enable you to max any skill in the blink of an eye. Here’s how.

Simply open the cheat console and type stats.set_skill_level [skill code] [#].

For instance, if you wanted to max out your Sim’s fitness level, you’d type stats.set_skill_level [skill_Fitness] [10].

Sims 4 Trait Cheats

Traits can make or break a Sim. You could have the smartest, hardest working Sim, but if they’re antisocial it can be pretty hard to start a family with them. Luckily, there are cheats to both add or remove traits in Sims 4, which will give you far greater control over your Sim.

Before adding or removing a trait, enter the cheat console and type this base cheat: testingCheats true.

Then, to add a trait, type traits.equip_trait [trait].

To remove a trait, simply type traits.remove_trait [trait].

This is one of the most useful cheats in the game and can help you to create the Sim of your dreams.

Sims 4 Career Cheats

Your Sims career is a very important aspect of the game. However, it can be pretty hard to complete all of the tasks for promotion. If you’re in this situation, you can use a cheat to promote or change your Sim’s career.

If you want to promote your Sim’s career, enter the cheat console and type careers.promote [career]. For instance, if you wanted to promote your Sim’s professor career, you’d type careers.promote [Education].

To add a career, type careers.promote [career]. Similarly, to remove a Sim’s career, type careers.remove [career].

Finally, to retire your Sim, type careers.reture [career]. This will retire your Sim and allow them to receive a weekly pension.

Sims 4 Death Cheats

With cheats, you can even save your Sim from life and death. Here’s how.

Open the cheat console and type death.toggle [false]. This will prevent your Sim from ever dying.

Or, if you want to turn your Sim into a ghost for 4-in-game hours, type sims.add_buff Ghostly. This is one of the funniest cheats to try out.

Shift and Click Cheats

Shift and click cheats are a little different from regular cheats. They allow you to ‘shift and click’ on an object or character, and fulfill different actions, like making a selected character happy, or adding someone to your family.

To enable shift and click cheats, enter the cheat console. Then, type ‘testingcheats true’ and press enter. After doing this, shift-clicking any object will give you a variety of options.

For instance, you’ll be able to boost a Sim’s mood just by clicking on them. You’ll also be able to add a stranger Sim to your family, give fear or love quirks to animals and make objects clean or dirty.

Shift and click cheats are pretty fun because you can watch the madness unfold in real-time. They can also make your life much easier, as you won’t have to worry about annoying things such as your Sim’s mood.

Pros and Cons of Cheating in Sims 4

Cheating is a controversial subject in any game. And cheating in Sims 4 does come with both pros and cons. If you’re deciding whether or not to enable cheats, use this guide to help you decide.


The main pros of cheating in Sims 4 are:

  • Greater Control: Cheating in Sims 4 will give you far greater control of your Sims and world. You’ll be able to guarantee rare events, prevent aging and give every Sim the desired characteristics that you want. This can help to make the game more immersive.
  • Ease: Sims 4 cheats make the game much easier on the whole. With cheats enabled, you won’t have to worry about your Sims mood, money, or relationships. This will free more time to pursue what you want to do, such as building the best houses.


The main cons of cheating in Sims 4 are:

  • Disable Achievements: By enabling cheats in Sims 4, you automatically disable achievements for that world. This is a massive issue for achievement chasers and may turn you off of using cheats.
  • Makes the Game too easy: If you enable cheats, you may find that the game becomes too easy. Many people enable cheats to help them get money for instance. But, once you’ve actually got the money, it’s hard to figure out what to do with it! This can make the game boring for some people, causing them to lose interest.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not cheats are for you in Sims 4.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s everything that you need to know about cheating in Sims 4. Enabling cheats can seem tricky at first, but it’s actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. And, if you keep this guide handy, you won’t have to go searching for different cheat codes every 5 minutes.

Cheating certainly isn’t for everyone. For many people, it completely undermines the essence of the game. But, if you do decide to cheat, you can have a lot of fun in different ways. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not to use cheats in Sims 4.


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