The X-Men take the lead in AXE: Judgment Day October Solicitations

Once again the X-Men dominate the final month of Marvel's AXE: Judgment Day solicitations

Best X-Men members of all time

There's a new X-Men team - and it includes some of the best X-Men members ever

Barry Allen as Mad Max and Batman heats up The Flash #784

'Flash of Three Worlds' dives into the DC Omniverse in Flash #784 and writer Jeremy Adams and artist Amancay Nahuelpan are our guides

The Phoenix throws the first punch of AXE: Judgment Day #1 preview

The conflict between the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals begins with a punch from Echo/Phoenix

Harry Styles' Eros returns to comics in AXE: Starfox #1 one-shot

AXE: Judgment Day just recruited Thanos' brother

Keanu Reeves says it would be a "dream" to play Batman in live-action

Reeves is voicing the Caped Crusader in DC League of Super-Pets

Doctor Doom is a David Bowie fan - and yes, it's canon

And the X-Men: Hellfire Gala cameo that will have Strange Things season 4 fans headbanging

The Hellfire Gala unveils the new X-Men team, including the 2022 fan vote winner

X-Men: The Hellfire Gala #1 reveals the new X-Men roster for the next year, and slyly references a classic Marvel cartoon

A major Marvel character seemingly dies in X-Men: The Hellfire Gala and more

X-Men: The Hellfire Gala - who lives, who dies, what secrets are revealed?

Moon Knight faces an iconic foe in October Annual from current creative team

Marvel has announced Moon Knight Annual #1, which will reunite Moon Knight with an old enemy

First look - X-Terminators #1 pushes the limits with a blood-and-guts revenge story

Carlos Gomez talks about getting into blood and guts for X-Terminators

Mark Waid's Irredeemable returns for more evil deeds

Boom! Studios has released a brief teaser indicating the return of Mark Waid's evil Superman epic

Meet "the most important people in the Marvel Universe" ahead of AXE: Judgment Day

These six random people are the "most important" folks in the entire Marvel Universe

Giant-Size Gwen Stacy #1 channels Silver Age charm for a pre-superhero flashback

Gwen Stacy returns to the spotlight - but not as Ghost Spider

Meet The Rejects, a teen superteam in the vein of classic Marvel and DC heroes

Check out a preview of The Rejects #1, a new superhero comic from InterPop

The secret history of the secret history of the Marvel Universe

The history of Marvel Comics has its well-told tales, and its shady secrets too

Will there be a Thor 5? Everything we know about a potential sequel

Everything we know about the thunder god's possible return to the MCU

Dark Crisis creators pay tribute to the original Crisis and tap into Titans history in issue #2

Daniel Sampere and Joshua Williamson talk us through Dark Crisis #2

Dark Crisis #2 names a new Justice League leader while another DC superteam joins the fray

Dick Grayson and Jonathan Kent get another talking-to in Dark Crisis #2

Taron Egerton met with Kevin Feige about playing Wolverine in the MCU

Taron Egerton hopes to join the MCU as Wolverine

Elizabeth Olsen wants Scarlet Witch to be in an X-Men movie

"If we're bringing X-Men back, I'll wanna be there!"

First look - Bloodshot Unleashed #1 action figure variants

The return of Bloodshot in Valiant's first mature readers series includes the debut of a new Bloodshot action figure

The Mighty get a new home at Image Comics

The story of what if the world's only and most powerful superhero was a bad dude returns in a new publishing home in September

Gaiman and Buckingham's 'The Silver Age' Miracleman story will finally be completed at Marvel

The long-awaited completion of the story is part of Marvel Comics' 40th-anniversary celebration of the modern Miracleman

DC's Zatanna and Red Hood arrive on Webtoon this summer

Webtoon and DC have announced launch dates for the next two titles in their joint publishing initiative

Chris Claremont's Gambit delayed to July debut

The most accomplished X-Men writer ever returns to the fold, just a couple of months later than expected

Marvel's Miracleman 40th anniversary celebration to kick off this October

Miracleman may get an introduction to the Marvel Universe for his 40th anniversary

Dark Crisis kicks into gear in The Flash #783 and Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 preview

The Flash family tries to find Barry and Connor Kent tries to find a place and a purpose

The best superhero sidekicks of all time

Our favorite comic book heroes would be less than without these superhero sidekicks

The Eternals go full-villain in AXE: Judgment Day with a horde of mythical monsters and Thanos' grand uncle on their side

The Eternals will unleash some seriously sinister secret weapons on the X-Men in AXE: Judgment Day

Who is Boy Thunder? Superman's secret sidekick revealed in Batman/Superman: World's Finest #7

Did you know Superman had a sidekick? Well he did in this story

Wonder Man - the comic book history of the next MCU leading man

No, he's not an Amazon - Wonder Man is a complicated anti-hero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves

Live-action Wonder Man Disney Plus series in the works from Shang-Chi director

Destin Daniel Cretton is teaming up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community writer-producer Andrew Guest to adapt the Marvel series

No, that's not Deja Vu, Marvel's September solicits include 31 titles originally scheduled for August

Do Marvel's September solicitations look a bit like Marvel's August solicitations? You're not going back in time

Cates and Stegman's Vanish launch date materializes from Image Comics

Cates and Stegman bring their dark fantasy superhero fusion to comic shops this fall

Miles Morales, White Tiger, Nova, and more take the spotlight in Marvel's Voices: Comunidades

Marvel's Voices: Comunidades returns for 2022 with a spotlight on Hispanic and Latin creators and characters

DC celebrates the late, great artist George Pérez with poster portfolio this November

The oversized greatness of the legendary George Pérez gets an oversized poster collection


Tim Sale, acclaimed artist of Batman: The Long Halloween, dies at 66

The Justice League happiness prisons create a new multiverse in Dark Crisis #4

Marvel Comics embraces the Midnight Suns video game name for the new supernatural team

The Human Target returns in September and raises the stakes for Lex Luthor's bodyguard

Rob Liefeld's Brigade gets 30th anniversary reprint with new material

Chris Evans still misses playing Captain America in the MCU

Who is Moira X, and why she is such a threat to the X-Men explained

AXE: Judgment Day #5 cover hints at a heroic team-up between the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals

Everything we know about the X-Men Hellfire Gala 2022

Young Justice: Targets picks up after the series' shortest-ever time skip

IDW's Crashing follows the doctor who treats the superheroes

Harley Quinn turns 30 and DC celebrates in September

Justin Lin is set to direct live-action adaptation of manga series One Punch Man

The original MCU Avengers are almost all gone, but they fight on in comic books

Milestones in History shines a light on historic Black figures - and some superheroes

Most iconic LGBTQIA+ comics romances

Hayley Atwell addresses Captain Carter's future in the MCU

The MCU Thunderbolts movie will almost certainly share some DNA with the Dark Avengers

Double Daredevil means double the fun in July's relaunched ongoing series

Who is Ms. Marvel's Red Dagger and what are his powers?

Penguin Random House becomes Marvel's exclusive book market distributor in 2023

Dark Crisis is here, and Williamson and Sampere love every reader theory

The Justice League is alive ... sort of

New Mutants turn 40 with the return of co-creator Bob McLeod

Could Ms. Marvel's MCU origin be tied to an extremely obscure Marvel team The ClanDestine?

Meet Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, star of Netflix's The Sandman

Despite the memes, Morbius re-release in cinemas fails to make an impact at the box office

Exclusive: The Boys creator Eric Kripke reveals how he managed to get that surprise Dawn of the Seven cameo

New Thor: Love and Thunder clip sees Jane Foster in action as Mighty Thor

From Stan Lee on down - a brief history of Marvel Comics editors-in-chief

Doctor Light emerges as a key figure for the DCU as Dark Crisis expands

Ms. Marvel & Iceman kick off Marvel Unlimited's June offerings

Disney has changed how it categorizes Hawkeye – which may suggest season 2 is on the cards

The moments that define Joe Quesada's Marvel Comics career

Joe Quesada exits Marvel Comics

All the new Disney Plus movies and shows streaming in June 2022

The Boys cast and creators tease season 3 Easter Eggs – from Supernatural nods to secret handshakes

Doctor Strange 2 composer reveals the last minute change Kevin Feige made to the film

Homelander meets his match in The Boys' new season 3 villain: "You don't forget Soldier Boy"

The Boys season 3 is the "craziest so far" as the cast reveal their reactions to the wild storylines

Lois Lane, Harley Quinn, and Static get younger in DC's young adult line

First Ms. Marvel reactions are comparing the new series to Spider-Man

Blue Beetle set photos show off one of the best comic book movie suits in years

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie compares show to Black Panther: "There's a space for all of us"

Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web reveals first plot details as cast grows

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer suggests Jane might have been blipped

Doctor Strange 2 writer teases what's ahead for Strange and Clea

Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher has Marvel fans divided

Thor: Love and Thunder hides a weird Loki tribute

New Thor: Love and Thunder reveals first look at Christian Bale's terrifying villain

What a comic book editor does

Writer Jeremy Adams hopes "The Search for Barry Allen" gets Dark Crisis readers checking The Flash out

How Black Adam fits into Death of the Justice League and Dark Crisis explained

Why Black Adam writer Christopher Priest thought DC would fire him

Harley Quinn goes weekly and heads to space in August

Saved by the Belle Reve focuses on DC's youngest heroes

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 actor Will Poulter wants to go on a "journey" with Adam Warlock

She-Hulk beats Loki, Moon Knight, and WandaVision to claim second-biggest Marvel TV trailer debut so far

Marvel VFX artist claims She-Hulk was originally "bigger" before CGI feedback

New Daredevil series in the works at Disney Plus