the best pokemon teams for the little jungle cup remix in pokémon go – september 2022

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The Little Jungle Cup Remix competition in Pokémon Go will be similar to the previous Jungle Cup that appeared over a year ago. This time, for the Season of Light, all players won’t be able to use a handful of Pokémon options available last time due to their popularity. Hopefully, these small changes are enough to make these battles feel fresh for the start of the Season of Light. This guide covers the best Pokémon teams you can use in the Little Jungle Cup Remax in Pokémon Go.

Best Pokémon for the Little Jungle Cup Remix

The only Pokémon you can use in the Little Jungle Cup Remix are ones that are at or below the 500 CP maximum. Also, you can only use Pokémon that are Bug, Dark, Electric, Flying, Grass, Ground, Normal, or Poison-type on your team. Finally, the Pokémon all players cannot use in this competition will be Cottonee, Ducklett, Skorupi, and Salandit.

Galarian Stunfisk, Mandibuzz, and Chansey

The first team on this list uses one of the best Great League Pokémon, Galarian Stunfisk. If you find one with low enough CP, you can use it in this competition, and it will do quite a bit of early work for you. We recommend using Mandibuzz as your Switch Pokémon to do Dark and Flying-type attacks. For your closer, we recommend the sturdy Chansey to hold the line.

  • Galarian Stunfisk: Mud Shot (fast move), Rock Slide, and Earthquake
  • Mandibuzz: Snarl (fast move), Foul Play, and Aerial Ace
  • Chansey: Zen Headbutt, Psychic, and Hyper Beam

Onix, Shelmet, and Skarmory

You want to be careful against any Pokémon that uses Fire-type attacks in this competition for this team. For the Lead Pokémon, we want to see what Onix can do. It has plenty of Rock and Ground-type attacks in its moveset, perfect for fighting against any Bug, Electric, Flying, or other Rock-type Pokémon. However, swap in Shelmet as the Switch option and Skarmory as your Closer to protect it. However, if your team has a Pokémon that can use a Fire-type attack, try to swap out Onix earlier and use it for your final Pokémon since Shelmet and Skarmor are both weak to Fire-type attacks.

  • Onix: Rock Throw (fast move), Sand Tomb, and Rock Slide
  • Shelmet: Infestation (fast move), Body Slam, and Bug Buzz
  • Skarmory: Air Slash (fast move), Brave Bird, and Sky Attack

Scrafty, Forretress, and Qwilfish

With have several Pokémon types featured on this team. Scrafty will be your Lead Pokémon, capable of charging forward with some heavy Fighting-type damage. When you’re ready to switch, you can bring out Forretress, a bulky option that can deal some damage as a Bug-type. Finally, we have Qwilfish as the Closer. Although it doesn’t have the largest bulk, it has Water and Poison-type attacks it can use in these battles.

  • Scrafty: Counter (fast move), Foul Play, and Power-up Punch
  • Forretress: Bug Bite (fast move), Mirror Shot, and Earthquake
  • Qwilfish: Poison Sting (fast move), Aqua Tail, and Ice Beam

Deino, Gligar, and Diggersby

Our next team will use Deino, Gligar, and Diggersby. Although Gligar and Diggersby are both Ground-types, their unique second type, Flying and Normal, respective, make them standout options in this competition. Deino will be your Lead Pokémon, followed by Gligar as your Switch, and Diggersby as your sturdy Closer option on your team.

  • Deino: Dragon Breath (fast move), Body Slam, and Crunch
  • Gligar: Wing Attack (fast move), Night Slash, and Aerial Ace
  • Diggersby: Quick Attack (fast move), Fire Punch, and Earthquake

Steelix, Wigglytuff, and Hisuian Qwilfish

The last team on this list features Steelix, Wigglytuff, and Hisuain Qwilfish. Steelix will be your lead Pokéon, giving you the chance to see how it uses Psychic Fangs as a preferred moveset. In addition, Wigglytuff is a solid Switch Pokémon, capable of dealing decent damage against most opponents in this competition. Finally, Hisuian Qwilfish is not the most sturdy Pokémon, but it’s a reliable final choice to have in your roster.

  • Steelix: Dragon Tail (fast move), Psychic Fangs, and Crunch
  • Wigglytuff: Charm (fast move), Ice Beam, and Play Rough
  • Hisuian Qwilfish: Poison Jab (fast move), Aqua Tail, and Sludge Bomb


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