Has The Boys Season 4 Been Confirmed?

Credit: Eric Kripke Twitter

Above is the show’s showrunner, creator, and head writer, Eric Kripke, confirming that not only did shooting start for Season 4 on 22/08/2022, but also confirming that the first episode is going to be called “Department of Dirty Tricks”.
Further to this, we’ve also had some more tweets teasing the Season 4 shoot from different members of the production:

Credit: Jack Quaid Twitter

Credit: The Boys Twitter

Credit: Eric Kripke Twitter

Who’s Starring In The Boys Season 4?

While no official cast list has been released yet by Amazon Studios. The above tweets do confirm that “The Boys” are all returning:Karl Urban as Billy Butcher Jack Quaid as Hughie CampbellLaz Alonso as Mother’s MilkKaren Fukuhara as Kimiko MiyashiroTomer Capone as FrenchieAnd, in addition to “The Boys”, given the events of the Season 3 finale, it feels very safe to say that the following cast members will all be returning as well:Antony Starr as HomelanderErin Moriarty as Annie January/ StarlightColby Minifie as Ashley BarrettClaudia Doumit as Victoria NeumanJessie T. Usher as A-TrainChace Crawford as The DeepLaila Robins as Grace MalloryCameron Crovetti as RyanJensen Ackles as Soldier BoyJim Beaver as Secretary of Defence Robert A. SingerIn addition two cast members who have been officially confirmed as appearing in Season 4 are:Nathan Mitchell returns in an as yet undisclosed role. Mitchell played Black Noir in the first 3 seasons but Kripe has confirmed that he will be starring in Season 4 as a new character.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins The Boys Season 4 in as yet undisclosed role. This casting is one that fans, and Morgan himself, have long been requesting as it reunites Morgan with his Supernatural showrunner, Kripke, and potentially, his Supernatural castmates, Jensen Ackles and Jim Beaver.

Has A Release Date Been Confirmed Yet?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation of a release date yet. But, given that US and Canadian television productions usually release a year after shooting. I would expect, provided there are no production delays, that we will see Season 4 between September and November of 2023. At the latest, potentially, Spring 2024.

What’s The Story Of Season 4? (Spoilers for Season 3 ahead)

Again, there’s no official synopsis yet for Season 4 but given how Season 3 ended with Homelander, literally, exploding a man’s head in front of a crowd of Homelander supporters who then, after a moment of shocked pause, begin applauding Homelander, to his initial surprise and then delight, followed by the final shot his son, Ryan, processing what’s just happened before a faint smile crosses his face.It almost goes without saying that Season 4 is going to show Homelander at his most unhinged and dangerous yet. As all of the restraints that have kept him in line up to Season 3, primarily, fear of Vought boss, Mr Edgar (played by Giancarlo Esposito), and fear of losing his public adoration and status, are all effectively gone. As Edgar was removed his from his position as Vought CEO after being betrayed by his protégé and surrogate daughter, Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who, instead of giving Homelander a warning to try and reign him in as Edgar intended. She instead brought allegations against Edgar of crimes he committed as Vought CEO. Which then resulted in Edgar being replaced as CEO by Homelander, followed by an announcement from Vought that they were cutting ties with Edgar. This new position of power coupled with his increasing popularity among his supporters for each new act of violent brutality is sure to only embolden Homelander more. Especially now that he has revealed Ryan to the world and chances are high that Ryan will now become a target of Homelander’s enemies as well as anyone seeking to prevent him from growing up to emulate his father. The seeds of which we can already see being planted throughout Season 3, especially the finale.This corruption of Ryan, albeit in Homelander’s mind, well meant, as it’s clear that Homelander truly does love and understand Ryan and wants to stop him going through the childhood traumas that he himself went through. Which, is somewhat admirable, but also means that he is only going to encourage Ryan to become a mirror of himself but will likely end with Ryan becoming an even worse supe than Homelander as it’s very possible that we’ll also see him exhibit some of Butcher’s worst traits as well.In addition to Homelander and Ryan’s stories, expect to see more revealed in regards to Congresswoman Neuman and her political ambitions as well as her fight both with and against Homelander. As while we’ve seen her offer an alliance with Homelander, we know that her primary reason for doing this is the protection of her daughter. So, given the increasing resources that she will have access to as she rises through the ranks of the US political system coupled with her intellect and strategic thinking. It’s a foregone conclusion that she will be looking for a way to end Homelander’s threat to her family once and for all.This will also likely see The Boys, who are aware now thanks to Hughie, that she too is a supe, entering into their own tenuous alliance with her. As Season 3 ended with the group knowing that Neuman is a supe, but still working as a government sanctioned agency, which will fall under the purview of Neuman who is very likely to use them as pawns in her own plans.In addition, because of his use of Temp V throughout Season 3, we know that Butcher now only has months to live. So, we’re very likely to see not only Butcher dealing with this knowledge, which, let’s be honest, knowing Butcher, is going to be badly…Followed by the group finding out at some point about his diagnosis and exploring their reactions to this, especially after Butcher’s actions splintered the group for a good portion of Season 3’s events, followed then by them trying to save him, as it will likely be Hughie who makes the case that they can’t just let Butcher die and that they at least have to try and save him even if he won’t save himself.Season 4 is also likely to explore A-Train and The Deep’s places in The Seven especially with how more dangerous Homelander has become. As we’ve already seen The Deep murder a political rival of Neuman’s for Homelander. So what else will we see the weak willed supe do this season as he tries to prove his worth to Homelander and justify his place on The Seven, and how will we see A-Train react, as it’s highly likely that we will see him coming into even greater conflict with Homelander over Homelander’s actions.Of course, this is all just my own speculation for the moment based on the events of Season 3, and as soon as any official story information is released, I’ll be updating the article here with it.

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