try and outrun the grim reaper in running on magic

There are two guarantees in life: death and taxes. But, if you ask Jimmy Carr, taxes can be avoidable, so why not death too? It depends upon the type of Grim Reaper you have after you after all. Available today on Xbox and PC is Running on Magic, where this Grim Reaper is quite lackadaisical, giving you plenty of time to run away.

Perhaps a less talented reaper than Manny in Grim Fandango, the one in Running on magic appears to be biding his time. Allowing you to run past and through a variety of levels, even offering you the chance to escape completely.

In Running on Magic, you are a mage on the run from said Grim Reaper on a last dash chance to escape death. It is part 2D platformer and part endless runner with the procedural generation you would expect mixed with jumping chasms and dodging enemies. Running on Magic also features:

  • Jump as core mechanic. You will make your way with jumps and dodging enemies to complete the level.
  • Use your stomp while you are mid-air. With this, you will stun your enemies using magic.
  • While jumping, you can also use your magic to glide and go even further.
  • Thanks to procedural generation, you will find new levels every run.

There is also a soundtrack to accompany each of the five biomes you will be running through, and four different difficulties if you are finding things too easy/hard. The hardest mode will feature a one-hit kill mechanic; maybe this Grim Reaper isn’t so inept after all.

Available to purchase today, Running on Magic is on the Xbox Store priced at £3.99. A good investment for when the inevitable happens in real-life you could argue. Stay tuned for our review coming soon, once we’ve putting our running shoes on.

Game description

Far far away in some magic realm a mage is running hard to escape. Grim Reaper is upon him. Luckily for him, the clumsy reaper is not in a hurry. But, for how long? In Running on Magic you take control of a desperate mage in an obstacle course to avoid Grim Reaper. Jump over blob creatures using your flying powers and survive to the end in this runner platformer featuring vibrant pixel art and dynamically created levels. Jumping challenges. Make your way by jumping over pits and platforms in a game meant to be accessible to every player. Aerial action. Jump, float and stomp to surpass every obstacle. Collect magic spread throughout the level to fuel these abilities and adapt to any situation. Beautiful sceneries rendered in pixel art and catchy music to follow along. Discover each of the 5 themed worlds. A small story with a humorous touch. Meet the Grim Reaper as they try to convince the mage to come with them and fail everytime. You are able to enjoy an easy and cozy adventure, but if you want to try yourself… 4 different difficulties! Raise the challenge! Every mode will speed up the game and you will find less pickups along your way. Your wizard will also have less hp. In the hardest mode you will only have a single hit to complete your journey! Endless mode where speed will be constantly increasing! So, will you run away or lend a hand to our mage? Come and embark on a magic little adventure!


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